Mobility Edge and Device Support Through Android R

If you haven’t had “the talk”, it’s time you do – because your security depends on it. It’s time to talk about the Mobility Edge™ platform by Honeywell. Mobility Edge is the only platform that guarantees the longest security lifecycle support in the industry, by...

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Mobility Edge Products and Support

There is power in unification. The type of power that drives revenue, productivity and efficiency. Honeywell’s Mobility Edge™ is the power behind a dynamic, unified hardware and software platform that will transform your mobile device management. It will transform...

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Honeywell Media Overview + Free Media Kit

Time is money. And if you’re spending too much time dealing with unreliable printers and equipment in your warehouse or distribution center, you are losing money. Today that changes. Because Informs and Honeywell have collaborated to bring you printing solutions that...

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