Informs, Inc. Offers RFID Labels and Supplies to Simplify Your Operation

RFID offers a wide range of benefits to the data collection process, helping simplify and streamline asset tracking. At Informs, we can provide the end-to-end simplicity your operation needs. We have everything required for implementing RFID into your organization, down to the labels and tags.

Selecting the right label for your application is imperative. Selecting the right labels can also be complicated, though. That’s why we also provide experts that can help you pinpoint the best label for your RFID solution from the widest selection on the market, so you can achieve maximum read rates and superior accuracy.

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Our RFID labels and tags can provide real-time visibility you so you can maximize asset utilization, and error-proof asset-related data. The type of label that best suits your operation can vary, so we offer a selection that can cover a range of needs:

  • General purpose RFID – often used in transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare, these are designed to be read by standard RFID readers, and come in many sizes and inlay types.
  • Advanced labels – covers operations where longer read ranges and higher levels of read performance are required, but used in applications similar to general purpose labels.
  • Specialty labels – used in manufacturing, IT equipment tracking, healthcare operations that require unique capabilities, like asset tagging on metal surfaces or containers filled with liquid.


RFID is ideal for applications that need more than barcodes can provide. Our RFID solutions and supplies are hand-selected for your individual application, and we will work with you to determine which media is optimal for meeting your business requirements:

  • Ideal for high-volume, high-speed data collections
  • Options for tagging on many different surfaces (metal, pallets, etc.)
  • Rugged – can survive extreme temps or chemicals
  • Passive or active high-frequency (HF) and ultra-high-frequency (UHF) transmission
  • Proof of concept testing available to test possible tag options and provide the best recommendation

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