Secure and Manage Devices Throughout Their Lifecycle

Informs offers mobile device management software to help you secure and optimize any connected device. If your company has made the investment in mobile devices, you’ll want to manage the environment your employees experience with those devices. Mobile device management software allows you to track your devices, specify what apps or permissions they have, and secure your company information from the outside world.

Our recommended mobile device management software shows the status and performance metrics of all your devices on one unified platform. Easily set up user devices with quick enrollment and provisioning, and ensure they stay secure with advanced content management options.

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Mobile device management software helps give you a high-level view of your devices at any time, but also offers several features that affect the day-to-day operations of your workforce:

  • Remote support to help you troubleshoot device and app issues
  • Automatic connectivity configuration to help your team communicate securely
  • Geofence options to deploy device policies based on location
  • Secure content management for company files and documents
  • Express provisioning and enrollment using preconfigured profiles
  • Compatibility with Google Android™, Apple® iOS, Linux®, macOS and Microsoft Windows®

This software is compatible with all Informs devices and can be preloaded when you purchase your device.

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