Keep Mobile Devices Connected Throughout Deployment

Informs offers terminal emulation software to help you extend your host system to your mobile workers and devices. These telnet clients connect to the leading supply chain systems and allow you to perform device interactions in a secure, local environment. Other software features such as voice-enablement, multi-session support, and screen reformatting allow you to leverage your data—whether you use keyboard input, barcode scanning, or RFID.

For mobile devices used in the supply chain, this means your workers stay connected and productive. Terminal emulation sessions won’t be lost even if you experience poor wireless network coverage, device battery issues, or mobile device reboots. This means inventory, picking, receiving, and cross-docking all stay on schedule and your operation remains efficient.

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Terminal emulation software helps unify your mobile operations with your host applications, but the real ROI comes from the speed and reliability it brings to your devices.

Features that keep your connection active so your workforce stays active include:

  • Interaction management that optimizes for speed
  • Secure communication protocol that prioritizes local interactions
  • Reliable connections that virtually eliminate dropped sessions
  • Screen and keyboard reformatting to create an intuitive device experience
  • Scripting to automate calculations and other tasks
  • Troubleshooting and helpdesk tools that help your team quickly identify and solve problems

This software is compatible with all Informs devices and can be preloaded when you purchase your device.

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