Easily Manage Your RFID Processes

If you want your devices to arrive ready-to-use directly out of the box, consider utilizing Informs’ staging and configuration services. With these packages, our helpdesk team will receive your new devices or printers and personally enter the settings you specify before sending them on to you.

These configuration packages are ideal for businesses who may not have the IT personnel or bandwidth to make changes to devices on-site. The greatest benefit is having the devices arrive fully functional with uniform settings including updated security patches and consistent OS versions, all of which makes it easy for your team to start using your devices as soon as they arrive.

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The team starts by consulting with each customer to understand the applications and environments where their device will be used. Then, once baseline settings are established, the team goes to work installing the correct software and applications on each device. This work is done at the Informs headquarters in our dedicated configuration station. Here are some of the options available:

  • Location-specific settings: Depending on how your devices will be used, our team can configure them differently for multiple locations
  • Software integration: Loading your terminal emulation, device management, or printing software to your specifications
  • Kitting: Packaging the appropriate instruction, accessories, and devices together for easy access
  • Batch shipping: Management of the configuration process and communication on how any devices will be ready and when

Once the devices have been configured, the team puts them back in their original packaging and prepares them to be shipped to the customer in a ready-to-work state.


Once you’ve determined which new devices you will be purchasing, our team can help you evaluate software and application options. If you choose to utilize our staging and configuration services, our helpdesk team will be in contact to discuss the settings you’d like for each device and whether permissions, applications, or types of software should be the same for all devices.

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