Faster and more reliable than predecessors, 5G networks have the potential to revolutionize enterprise mobility beyond what has been previously considered possible. With future technology advancements, users will soon come to rely on 5G networks to power their operations efficiently and increase mobility within their enterprises. 

 Though 5G devices aren’t used widely throughout the industry yet, they will soon shape the future of enterprise mobility. Here’s how: 

5G will Boost Enterprise Mobility to the Next Level 

Employee flexibility 

Now more than ever, more enterprises are allowing employees to work remotely, relying on wireless connections to communicate. This need for increased connectivity also applies to workers out in the field, who must rely on a network connection to complete tasks. 5G networks allow for increased speed and connectivity, equipping employees to stay more engaged while on the clock, regardless of their location. 

Increased productivity 

Devices that still rely on 3G networks are lagging far behind those built on 4G networks. With 5G on the horizon, users operating on outdated devices won’t be able to compete. 5G offers 20 gigabytes per second (gbps) of data transfer capabilities compared to the 21.6 megabytes per second (mbps) of 3G and 1 gbps of 4G. 

Smoother operations

With 5G, connectivity is increased, which means that as enterprises adopt these networks, apps will run faster and will encounter fewer issues. This leads to faster processes, greater transfer of data, deeper visibility, increased mobility, and more. All these benefits combine to help enterprises achieve a streamlined, cohesive, and productive operation. 

Cloud will Become the Foundation for Enterprises 

More than ever, companies are switching from on-premises to cloud-based systems, since they make it easier to access data from anywhere with a device on the network. Cloud networks allow for enhanced communication between devices and across systems, and 5G will give companies fast access to a range of cloud-based servers. 

AR and VR Technologies will Expand Engagement

Increased data speed will open the pathways for better streaming. Resource-heavy streaming will be easier to access and leverage in order to increase engagement. This includes technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and video conferencing, some of which have been adopted early and are becoming more prominent in field services. 

Honeywell, Intel, Ericsson, and the development of 5G Products 

While 5G is still relatively new to the industry, innovators like Honeywell, Intel, and Ericsson have been collaborating to develop new devices that leverage 5G connectivity and system capabilities. Now that the internet-of-things (IoT) has become more prevalent within the supply chain, the better connectivity of 5G means that devices no longer need to compete as much for data during mission-critical applications. 

Though there are still significant challenges, the future of this technology is bright, and 5G system capabilities such as network slicing and distributing edge computing can greatly increase efficiencies within the warehouse. With this, operators can prioritize device traffic, ensuring that mission-critical applications take priority without decreasing productivity elsewhere. 

5G is a Ways Off, but Not For Long: 

5G has only been around for a short while, and it is something industry experts are still monitoring for now. While it could potentially lead to disruptions in the industry and increased competition, 4G is still the most reliable and widely used network. 

Those that are still operating on 3G are encouraged to upgrade to 4G at this time, as 5G is still on the horizon, but competition is already increasing, and it will be difficult for enterprises to keep up if they are depending on outdated systems and processes. 

While it’s tempting to want to hold off on upgrading until 5G is here and easily available, you risk falling too far behind the competition to make up for lost time. It’s better to upgrade to 4G now and meet the already-increasing industry demands of today than wait for 5G to be ready. 

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