Field Service

Our field service products support your team as they transport materials to other locations, deliver goods and services to customers, or send company vehicles to garages. Whether you have service times to keep or deliveries to make, Informs can help you create and change routes, keep communication clear, and help your team optimize their time so that your business saves both time and money. For anyone who needs mobility – utility workers, event staff, telephone or cable providers – a reliable handheld mobile computer is top priority.

These devices are designed with durability in mind. When we say rugged device, we mean weather-proof, drop-proof, submersible, and more. Informs provides full line of mobile computers for every field service need, allowing your team to stay in contact with both office staff and customers while you gain full visibility into the operations of your mobile team. With any Informs handheld mobile computer you get fast, secure data and communication.

Depending on your application, you may also need mobile printing capabilities for receipts, tickets, notices, and more. Mobile printers from Informs can accommodate virtually any label size and material, meaning you get to create the printing solution specifically for your business needs. Informs stocks many labels for quick shipping so you never run out, or we offer more custom solutions when it comes to size, color, and material.

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