Enhance Your Operation’s Productivity and Efficiency

Informs provides high-quality handheld barcode scanners to large and small businesses across many different industries that help streamline data collection operations and increase productivity.

In order to stay competitive in the manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics industries, you need reliable technology designed to withstand rough working conditions, spills, dust, and drops. Our superior barcode scanners are built to handle both the needs and the working conditions of any industry, so you can keep better track of assets, equipment, inventory, and anything else you may need.

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Our ruggedized handheld barcode scanners make it easy to track and account for assets, and with many devices offering Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility, collecting and transferring data is effortless. Our designs are water resistant, even while completely submerged, and are equipped with gorilla glass touchscreens to protect against impact.

Industrial Scanners

For fast-paced operations requiring heavy-duty equipment and a high volume of barcode scanning, our industrial-grade barcode scanners are ruggedized and offer swift data capture.

Wireless Scanners

If your operations depend on mobility, choose our wireless barcode scanners. These barcode scanners can be carried comfortably and offer an extended battery life to last the entire shift.

2D Scanners

Accurately capture greater amounts of data with our cutting-edge 2D barcode scanners. With the flexibility to scan both 1D and 2D codes, you can achieve more capabilities with a single device.

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