Speed up delivery, reduce waste, control costs and improve your customer service with Informs. Designed specifically for manufacturing, these technology solutions allow you to track materials and labor through production cycles and along supply chains for a tangible ROI and a real competitive advantage.

Informs can help you reduce errors and significantly increase productivity throughout your manufacturing operations with: fully-automated, hands-free data collection; parts marking to track work-in-process and provide lifetime traceability; and real-time data capture integrated into MES, WMS, ERP or other management systems. We offer solutions for asset tracking, load management, product labeling and tracking, receiving, put away, order picking and staging, shipping, inventory management and replenishment, time and attendance, and quality assurance.

Data collection and marking/labeling solutions
Handle labor-intensive assembly tasks and optimize and track operations with solutions ranging from fixed-mounted computers and wireless scanners to fully automated environments with printer applicators and RFID readers.

Security and access control
For the latest security, Informs delivers a certified wireless installation ensuring optimum performance from your networks. We provide customers with many tools for rapid deployment, fast problem solving, and remote configuration control.

Multiple form factors
From a rugged PDA to a full-keyboard handheld computer with scanner and local area radio, our solutions provide manufacturers with the same capabilities they have in nonhazardous environments.

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