Easily Manage Your RFID Processes

Informs offers RFID software to help you get the most out of your RFID scanners, printers, labels, and readers. Track items and see the RFID processes you’ve created go to work for you. RFID software will consolidate all the data being collected and provide insights and reports, giving you real-time visibility into your operation.

Because RFID systems are highly personalized to your business and processes, your RFID software will be too. We recommend choosing a software as part of your planning while you are choosing the devices you will be using. This will help to create a fully integrated, custom solution, whether you choose to use RFID for asset tracking, inventory, shipping, or distribution.

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The best RFID software is the one that provides your business with usable data points. Because RFID tags store larger amounts of customizable information, you can use RFID software to analyze your operation and gain deeper insights that barcode data can provide. Depending on your environment, you can use RFID software for:

  • Continuous asset tracking
  • Automated location tracking
  • Improved manufacturing process reporting
  • Advanced, accurate inventory counts

Another great way to maximize your RFID software is to integrate it with your CRM or ERP systems. This allows for even greater insights and management of order history and financial reports.


Depending on the hardware you use, we offer software options that collect data from fixed and mobile RFID readers. We also work with industry-leading partners to offer a variety of software to be used with specific devices. If you are working with Informs to implement RFID, we’ll help you choose the RFID software that best complements the hardware, labels, and readers you’ve chosen.

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