Transportation and Logistics Solutions

Real-time visibility into your operations has never been more important. Tracking shipments, improving your routes, and eliminating shipping issues are all important aspects of your mobile strategy. Informs offers barcode scanners, handheld mobile computers, and print and labeling solutions to help you create and execute this strategy.

Our transportation and logistics solutions are perfect for:

  • Warehouse/supply chain assets
  • Postal and courier deliveries
  • Fleet management
  • Yard management

Our thermal printing solutions allow you to track packages and shipments as they move from the warehouse to your fleet to the hands of the customer. A clearly printed barcode makes all the difference every step of the way. Informs labels are available in virtually any size, material, or color at a much more affordable price than big-name distributors. Whether your label will be outside, exposed to the elements or applied safely inside a warehouse, we can provide an affordable label that stays stuck until it reaches its final destination.

For private fleets and large transportation companies alike, reliable mobile devices can make the difference in your entire workflow. Digital barcode scanners are a crucial tracking tool for workers who stay at one facility. If asset tracking, picking, or packing is part of your business, a scanner will help provide visibility into your inventory. For truck drivers, couriers, and any mobile worker, handheld mobile computers are the best tool for productivity and speed. These devices address the scanning, location, connectivity, and compliance pieces of being a mobile worker. With this much insight into your operations, your team can anticipate customer issues, stay organized for on-time delivery, and focus on fulfillment.

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