Streamline Your Data Collection Process

At Informs, we specialize in cutting-edge data collection products that help businesses across many industries track assets and manage inventories. With our mobile computers, your employees will be equipped to collect and access critical data without being tethered to their workstations.

Our mobile computers are feature-rich and can effectively boost productivity while improving accuracy. At Informs, our adept specialists will help guide you through the process of choosing the optimal mobile computer for your application, so you can capture data wherever and whenever you need.

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Choose from a wide selection of rugged mobile computers designed with the flexibility and reliability to handle any
application, from transportation and logistics, to healthcare and manufacturing.

Handheld Computers

Our rugged handheld computers increase efficiency and productivity, while offering the flexibility for workers to capture data wherever they need to.

Wearable Computers

Our hands-free wearable computers are durable and built to last. These wearables are capable of handling high-volume scanning while offering more mobility.


 Perfect for operations where multi-tasking is necessary, our vehicle-mounted computers offer a sturdy design and can improve visibility.

RFID Readers

Identify, track, and manage assets easily on-the-go. RFID readers don’t require a direct line of sight in order to read RFID tags, so you can collect data at higher speeds.


We offer convenient accessories built to complement your device and extend its lifespan.
Choose from a variety of options, including:

Device Covers

Protect your device from drops, spills, dust, and any other harsh environmental factor it may come into contact with. These device covers keep your device fully-functioning.

Spare Batteries

Eliminate downtime due to dead batteries. Our spare batteries provide you with maximum productivity, even if a worker forgot to charge the battery at the end of the shift.

Hands-free Mounts

Invest in the proper mounting equipment for your application to keep essential data accessible and visible while freeing up your hands to perform other mission-critical tasks.

Storage Lockers

Ensure your mobile computers won’t be damaged, misplaced, or stolen by securing your devices in our handy storage lockers. These keep your workers accountable and your devices safe.

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