Printing & Labeling

Complete print and media solutions that meet compliance standards, varied environments, and more.

Data Collection

From printers and labels, to software and handheld mobile computers, create a complete inventory system with Informs


A mobile workforce changes everything.


We Provide Ideal Solutions to Operations in Michigan and Beyond!

Informs, Inc. provides innovative barcode and labeling solutions that boost efficiency, increase productivity, and address a number of different operational needs. We provide innovative and customized solutions to our customers all over the world. With 12 different locations in major cities across the United States, and over 3,000 customers spanning across 35 major countries, we are equipped with the experience and skills to handle your data collection, management, and tracking needs.

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The building blocks for your operational success

Mobile Computers

Give your operation the benefit of mobility and enhance productivity with mobile computers for data collection, asset tracking, and inventory management.

Barcode Scanners

We offer both 1D and 2D barcode scanners and imagers that are rugged enough to withstand hash environments while still offering superior data capture.

Industrial Thermal Printers

Whether you are looking for a stationary desktop printer or a mobile printer, our products are made to produce high-quality, readable labels.

Rugged Tablets

Give employees access to critical data on the job with rugged tablets that can resist water, dust, and drops to the hard warehouse floor.


Enhance supply chain visibility and improve asset tracking with high-quality RFID readers and antennas.

Labels and Ribbons

We offer a variety of labeling solutions in any size, color, or material to help you improve accuracy, comply with regulations, and improve scannability.

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At Informs, Inc. we offer more than just barcode and labeling solutions. We offer a wide range of services that help minimize errors, improve productivity, and increase accuracy. Our team of experienced specialists can assist you with any issues that may arise. Trust us to help identify issues and solve problems that lead to costly downtime.

We Offer:

• Wireless site surveys
• Equipment repair
• Staging and deployment
• Support on request
• Training


We help our clients plan, evaluate, and deploy their barcode and labeling solutions and strategies. Our cost-effective solutions for recurring services help your operation achieve maximum productivity and increase your bottom line:

We Can Help With:

• Inventory management
• Mobile management
• Pre-printed labels
• Helpdesk tech support


Transportation and Logistics

Improve load and route planning while eliminating shipment issues with real-time technology for warehouse and supply chain assets, postal and courier deliveries, fleet management, and yard management.


Track materials and assets as they move through production and into the supply chain with data collection and labeling solutions, security and access control, and multiple form factors.

Retail and Warehousing

Streamline store and warehouse operations, optimize order-picking, and increase efficiency while lowing your operating costs.

Direct Store and Delivery

Track and account for inventory, maintain real-time visibility across operations, minimize errors, and ensure deliveries are made on time.

Field Service Management

Stay in contact with your team, change routes as needed, and keep track of these changes with reliable mobile devices.


Improve patient care, reduce the risk of errors, and operate more efficiently with barcode wristbands and equipment tracking solutions.

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