On-site Walkthroughs for any Data Collection Process

Informs offers site surveys to help our team connect with yours and get a deeper understanding of your workflows and technology needs. Whether you are implementing a new wireless network, a full RFID system, a new print and labeling application, or planning a mobile device rollout, a site survey is a great way to start planning your new technology.

Having our team on site means we get a better understanding of your work environment and application. If your operation requires a specialized solution, a site survey can help us get a better idea of the size and layout of your space as well as see any environmental or structural challenges you may be facing. This in-depth walkthrough allows us to provide a more creative solution customized to your business.

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The People – A site survey will generally include your Informs account manager, who can recommend others to join based on your product needs. Our vendors partners are available to provide deeper information about product options and discuss trade-ins and special offers. Our helpdesk team can provide insight to the best applications and configurations for your operation. We also work with industry specialists who can evaluate your environment for specific applications such as RFID and wireless networking.

The Process – The goal for a site survey is to see your processes in action and identify areas where time, money, and resources can be saved. We commonly walk through warehouses, printing stations, manufacturing lines, IT areas, and outdoor spaces.

The Results – Once we’ve had a chance to see your work environment and learn about your workflows, we can share our recommendations. This will include an evaluation of your technology requirements, including any specialized labels or devices. We’ll also recommend security options and configuration settings and work with you to create an installation plan to ensure a smooth deployment.


Get started and contact us today to schedule your site survey. You can also reach out to your account executive or customer service contact for more information about what a site survey might look like for your business. They can help you determine where the walk-through should take place, contact the appropriate people, and get a site survey scheduled.

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