Barcodes are incredibly useful tools to help collect data and track assets across various locations throughout the supply chain and within many different industries—from healthcare to aerospace.  Though vital, barcodes are only as effective as the printer that created them. 

For this reason, it’s imperative that you have appropriate quality assurance measures in place to keep your operation as productive as possible. 

That is where barcode verification comes in. 

Barcode Verification is Critical to Supply Chain Shipments 

Occasionally, errors will happen. If and when they do, they could pose serious consequences to your operation and your reputation. Barcode verification makes it possible to ensure all of your barcodes can be read not just by your scanners, but by any scanner at any location it encounters once the label is out of your doors. 

When your codes are unreadable or out of spec, you could be subject to heavy fines and chargebacks that companies can levy against you for the inconvenience. Beyond that, you could halt productivity as shipments are returned and labels need re-printed. 

If your company develops a history of barcode errors, your reputation will reflect that, and you’ll be seen as unreliable. This could cost you several clients and your bottom line could be damaged because of it. 

Provide 100% Barcode Accuracy with the Honeywell PX940

Luckily, manufacturers like Honeywell have developed solutions such as the Honeywell PX940 industrial barcode printer with integrated verification to help solve this pressing issue. The PX940 uses innovative label verification technology to verify barcodes as they’re printed and instantly notify you of pass/fail status. 

The printer also comes with intelligent asset management and monitoring software, which keeps you up-to-date on the health of your printer. The advantage of this is that you can eliminate downtime and drastically reduce the costs of repairs and replacements by staying informed of impending issues and proactively preventing them. 

While there are other ways to verify barcodes, none are quite as effective as the Honeywell  PX940. Many methods require spot-checking with barcode readers, which can be unreliable. You could miss an errant barcode, and it takes time to check manually with a handheld scanner. Automating the process can remove the middle man and convert a 2-step process into a single step for more efficiency and accuracy than ever. 

How will Proper Barcode Verification Eliminate Chargebacks? 

The Honeywell PX940 family was developed specifically for companies that are subjected to fines levied for barcodes that don’t comply with regulatory standards, and returned shipments for unreadable barcodes. 

Barcode scanners vary in sensitivity—just because your scanner can read a code doesn’t mean every scanner can read it. However, this series offers precision printing capabilities for even the strictest requirements on the smallest labels. With it, you can make sure 100% readable and free of defects every time, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that not a single barcode leaves your facility with errors. Bad labels that don’t meet requirements will be automatically reprinted. 

And added advantage of the Honeywell PX940 is the ability to operate without a PC. You can configure settings and operate the printer without requiring a host computer. The added simplicity helps boost productivity and streamline your operations. 

Other Benefits of Barcode Verification

Barcode verification offers many benefits, like increased accuracy and improved label quality. It gives you an added layer of protection by providing records of which barcodes passed, and you can use that data to back you up should the quality of your barcodes and the integrity of your operation come into question.  

When you provide 100% readable labels every time, you build a solid reputation as a reliable operation and more businesses will want to work with you. You can create strong business relationships with confidence, which is absolutely necessary in an industry with such high competition. You also benefit from lower labeling costs, increased productivity, and less waste from unreadable barcodes. 

Assuring Quality within Your Operation

Establishing a good reputation requires you to take barcode accuracy seriously. Spot-checking with a scanner now and then is nowhere near enough to prevent your operation from fines or chargebacks. By choosing a solution like the Honeywell PX940 industrial printer with integrated barcode verification, you can ensure that your barcodes can be accurately scanned and quality is assured. 

Informs offers innovative solutions like the Honeywell PX940, which verifies barcodes as they are printed and automatically reprints any barcodes that don’t meet your requirements. For more information on the industry-leading solutions offered by Informs, contact us today!