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Fleet mobility: Efficiency and accuracy = Customer satisfaction

Jun 13, 2017 by Chelsea Khouri Category: Uncategorized 0 comments

Customers have become accustomed to fast delivery. It’s no longer a benefit, but an expectation. So, you need to maximize efficiency without sacrificing accuracy. If you’re using automated data collection in your picking and shipping, you’re halfway there. Do you maintain visibility of your fleet while it’s en route to your customers? Are they equipped […]

Choose the Right Operating System for your Enterprise

The operating system that drives your enterprise is more than the core beneath your software apps. You’ll be investing deeply in a system that should support your business operations for many years ahead. The costs for licensing, software (now and apps to developed), hardware, and tech support require that you take a close look before […]

Blood Tracking Solutions: The Future of Healthcare

Blood transfusions are a routine part of hospital work. Yet, in hospitals using manual systems, it’s a process riddled with the potential for error – from a lab worker accidentally mislabeling a unit of blood, to the unit having to be discarded because the nurse has been held up en route from lab to ward. […]

RFID Technology: The Future of Retail

Aug 02, 2016 by Chelsea Khouri Category: Retail 1 comment Tags: Retail, Retail Technology, RFID

ATTENTION ALL RETAILERS: We know what you’re probably thinking…. What the heck is RFID anyway? If you’re new to retail, or haven’t heard of RFID, let’s start off by reminding you what RFID is all about. RFID stands for radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. This technology uses a method of identifying items through radio waves. […]

How Technology in the Hospital Can Deliver Truly Integrated Care

The journey for a patient entering into your healthcare facility involves successfully overcoming many boundaries within and between facilities. Care is provided from the bedside to the pharmacy to the home, and patients expect this process to be as seamless and thorough as possible. Unfortunately, in society today, the process is often disjointed and inefficient, […]

Benefits of Wearable Technology & How They Help Cut Costs in Your Warehouse

Since the dawn of the internet in 1982, new technologies have revolutionized the way we live. From technologies like the iPhone, that have made our daily lives easier, to 3D Printers that have transformed the way we approach problems in healthcare today, each new tool introduced into society, continues to consistently change the way we […]

Maximize Productivity in Your Cold Storage Warehouse

Mar 28, 2016 by Chelsea Khouri Category: Manufacturing 0 comments

Unless mobile computers, associated bar code readers and labels have been designed with features required specifically for use in cold environments, the level of their reliability will fall right along with the temperatures. Standard device models deliver less-than-sub-standard performance if they are consistently used in freezers or exposed to frequent temperature changes. Increase efficiency with […]

5 Reasons You Need Managed Services

Oct 22, 2015 by Chelsea Khouri Category: Uncategorized 0 comments

For some companies, managed services seem like a luxury. Why let another company be involved in every step of your enterprise technology implementation? The reality is that managed services are the only way to get the most out of your devices. From planning to deployment to ongoing analytics, having a managed services provider on your […]

Why Enterprise Class Wi-Fi? Your Home Access Point Just Won’t Cut It

Oct 22, 2015 by Chelsea Khouri Category: Uncategorized 0 comments

Most people enjoy access to Wi-Fi in their homes, and they also expect it to also be available when they travel, shop, and work. The standard today is that we should be able to connect almost anywhere; we’ve all taken advantage of networks at restaurants, airports, hotels, etc. As customers, we can enjoy that the […]

Retail IT Pain Points [Part Three]

Sep 20, 2015 by Chelsea Khouri Category: Retail 0 comments

In our last two blogs, we talked about some of the pains IT professionals feel in the tough retail industry, where maintaining POS systems is a constant, everyday task. Today’s final blog of the series will explore even more of those pains and how Informs, Inc. can help. Let’s dive into those pain points. Remote […]