When news of the coronavirus pandemic first emerged, few could have predicted just how much it would impact the supply chain. This viral outbreak brought a new normal and has resulted in many changes that will last far beyond the pandemic itself.

For many warehouses, production has ramped up to meet the demand for essential supplies. As important as it is to keep the supply chain moving, it is imperative that those on the front lines are kept safe and healthy.

Consider these tips to help maintain the health of your employees and your operation:

1. Use Best Practices to Clean Shared Devices

It’s good to start by creating cleaning and sanitizing protocol for all devices, especially any devices that are shared among employees throughout the day or that pass from one worker to the next between shifts. Scanners, mobile computers, tablets, and other data collection devices are among the most commonly used and should be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly, at regular intervals.

Follow the general best practices for each device. Avoid abrasive cleaners that can damage your devices, and make sure you don’t spray any liquid directly onto the device. Instead, moisten a microfiber cloth with the recommended cleaning solution and gently wipe down your device.

If you aren’t sure what to use on your device, consult the manufacturer’s instructions beforehand. The instructions may vary depending on the device and model. Honeywell provides a handy cleaning and disinfecting guide for all devices.

2. Use Signage to Enhance Communication

It’s a good idea to place placards and signs up that communicate social distancing practices and procedures. You can use peel-and-stick vinyl signs to remind employees to wash their hands and use personal protective equipment like masks and gloves.

Within a retail environment, you want to make sure customers stay an appropriate distance from one another, so peel-and-stick vinyl floor stickers placed six feet apart wherever lines would typically form are a good tool for communicated this.

Finally, it’s wise to maintain a single traffic flow pattern to decrease the number of customers that come face-to-face with one another. This helps combat the potential spread of the virus and helps keep order.

3. Mobilize Your Workforce

Your workers need to maintain social distance from one another while still being able to work freely within your space. To ensure this, you need to have the necessary tools at your disposal.

Equip your workers with mobile devices like tablets and mobile computers that can keep them connected and engaged while maintaining a safe distance. These devices have built-in scanners, cameras, Bluetooth, and more, all of which help you achieve more productivity while simultaneously amplifying connectivity among workers.

Be sure to look for devices with fast charging and a long-lasting battery, as these qualities will be extra important now that there is so much pressure to streamline your operation. This will allow your devices to make it through an entire shift without swapping out batteries or sanitizing between shifts.

4. Implement Mobile Workstations

Implementing mobile workstations is a good way to help maintain social distance while still providing employees with the resources they need to complete their jobs.

Mobile workstations come in flexible configurations that allow them to be used indoors and outdoors and include built-in power sources that last the entire shift. That means you never need to worry about a device dying on you during a shift, and you can effectively eliminate any workflows that require a worker to travel between a shared central location.

5. Transition to Healthcare-Grade Plastics

Not all plastics are made the same. Many won’t stand up to the harsh chemicals and abrasion of abrasive cleaners and multiple cleanings. They will crack and wear down over time.

Healthcare-grade plastics contain antimicrobial additives where available, which help reduce the risk of spreading the virus. These are especially helpful for retailers, who have many different customers coming into contact with these surfaces. By limiting the spread of germs and bacteria, they can benefit from the peace of mind.

Informs offers industry-leading technology designed to help your operation keep up with the ever-increasing demand. Our mobile devices, workstations, and healthcare-grade plastics can help you keep your workers and customers safe while ensuring you stay productive. For more information, contact Informs today.