How much do you know about the Internet of Things? This buzzword has been floating around for the past few years, but what does it actually mean? Here’s a quick summary:

Today, many physical products (or “things”) have their own software, sensor, or IP Address, which allows them to connect to other “things.” These connections allow communication between products and their manufacturers, products and their owners, and between products themselves. They allow the for automation and quick data analytics that

As consumers, we’ve seen how this technology transforms everyday life. Nobody carries a Walkman and cassettes anymore; instead, we stream music with our smartphones. But how can your business benefit from the Internet of Things (IoT)? Here are three major benefits to adopting this technology that every company should consider.

  • Deep Visibility – IoT-enabled devices are great at providing “right now” visibility into supply chains, distribution centers, and production lines. IoT can help identify, locate, or measure the condition of assets, people, or transactions within a facility. For example, RFID and RTLS tags allow organizations to quickly track and locate high value items such as tools, large assemblies, and vehicles. Another example is the benefit for traceability; knowing where your assets are at all times allows you to have control in the event of a recall.


  • Analytics – Businesses can use this deep visibility to eliminate inefficiencies in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, energy, and retail. Data allows businesses to optimize processes, reduce shrinkage, and provide better security and safety throughout the workplace. Deep visibility into mission critical operations provides the measureable metrics enabling the enterprise to make better-informed decisions and inspire innovation.


  • Device Management – When a device stops working, your business is faced with delays and questions. It takes time to determine what went wrong, how it can be repaired, and how long that will take. You may need to send the device in for repair, or you may need to wait for someone to come to you. Thankfully, the Internet of Things allows for mobile device management, allowing your supplier to diagnose issues with your device as they happen. They’ll know whether to send a replacement device and can even repair your device remotely.

By now you can probably think of a few ways that Iot devices could be used in your business. Informs knows the importance of efficiency in your work processes, and we help businesses reach their technology goals every day.