There is power in unification. The type of power that drives revenue, productivity and efficiency. Honeywell’s Mobility Edge™ is the power behind a dynamic, unified hardware and software platform that will transform your mobile device management. It will transform your business.

The Mobility Edge platform doesn’t just boast about extended lifecycles and enhanced security. It delivers. It even guarantees it. Mobility Edge is the only platform that offers support through Android™ R, guaranteeing the longest security lifecycle in the industry. Now that’s the power behind unification.

But how do you unleash this power to see real results? How do you integrate this unification into daily operations and create cohesion and efficiency throughout your enterprise mobility environment? Here’s how:

  1. Accelerated Deployments – By validating all mobile devices just once and deploying throughout the entire enterprise, you save both time and money. Mobility Edge expedites development, certification, setup and training through a rapid provisioning suite and versatile capabilities.
  1. Optimized Business Performance – Powerful embedded tools throughout the platform drive faster data capture and secure worker communications, leading to an intuitive user experience. This facilitates user adoption, enabling employees to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.
  1. Extended Security Lifecycle – Mobility Edge can support twice as many operating system upgrades as its competitors via enterprise-wide patch releases and future-proof hardware. Support through Android R ensures the longest security lifecycle available today.
  1. Strengthened Security – Say farewell to fragmented mobile computing and hello to a dynamic hardware and software platform that delivers agility, integration, security, scalability and consistency across your entire mobile environment.

We’ve addressed the “how”. But the “what” can be complex and confusing. How do you identify the right mobility devices to synergize with the Mobility Edge platform? Informs can help you select the products that align with your business goals and promote seamless integration, ease of use, improved productivity and increased savings. Informs Specialists have the training, skills and expertise to guide and support you through every step of the process.

Recommended products built on the Mobility Edge platform include:

  1. Dolphin CT40 Mobile Computer

Built on Android and the Mobility Edge platform, this full-touch, durable mobile computer is designed to help businesses accelerate workflows and provide a seamless customer experience.

  1. Dolphin CT60 Handheld Computer

This robust computer is built to deploy easily in the field and is ideal for anywhere, anytime connectivity, delivering fast data capture and maximizing uptime and productivity.

  1. Dolphin CN80 Mobile Computer

Improve the speed and accuracy of day-to-day operations with the full-touch or key-dependent capabilities of the CN80 handheld computer.

  1. CN75 / CN75e Mobile Computers

These ultra-rugged mobile computers offer versatility, reliability, power and ergonomic comfort in a compact form, specifically designed for mobile field service workers.

  1. Thor VM1A Vehicle-Mounted Computer

Enjoy the easy to use and easy to maintain features of the Thor VM1, while experiencing accelerated provisioning and deployment, ultimate performance and lower TCO.

When you’re ready to infuse your business with the power of the Mobility Edge platform, contact an Informs Specialist. We can help you bring unity to your mobile enterprise environment.