In this fast-paced world, with more than 50% of global web traffic originating from mobile devices* and data instantaneously at your fingertips, it’s time to evaluate your relationship with your mobile device. There’s no better time than right now to determine if this relationship offers the security, support and productivity you need to be your best. With data moving at lightning speed, don’t let your old device slow you down!


Informs and Honeywell have joined forces to help you with this decision, and together, they offer the solution that is exactly what you need!

As you analyze the relationship with your current mobile device, the critical question is safety. If your mobile device has outdated technology, you are susceptible to security vulnerabilities and exposed to breaches, due to outdated software, browsers and operating systems. Also critical to a symbiotic relationship with your mobile device is the ability to employ the latest hardware and security advancements. Without them, you run the risk of application testing that only covers current or major releases of smartphone operating systems and browsers. If your mobile device can’t run an enterprise application, it’s time to consider ending this relationship.

In addition, factors such as loss of CPU and memory, reduced battery life and lack of storage impact your speed and productivity. Parting, especially with your very valuable data, can be such sweet sorrow, but the burden of parting ways can be eased considerably by cloud backup services and support.

If you’re still on the fence about letting go, here’s a deal that will have you saying, “Arrivederci!” in no time! Right now, you can trade in your outdated device and save up to $200 when you purchase an eligible Honeywell Android™ mobile device through Informs!

Experience speed, power and versatility when you upgrade to Honeywell’s Android™-powered mobile devices.

  • Accelerated deployments and advanced security
  • Increased productivity, efficiency and accuracy
  • Augmented cost savings
  • Intuitive functionality, boasting user-friendly hardware and software to make training new hires and holiday workers faster and easier
  • A broader choice of mobile operating systems to support your long-term mobile strategy, accounting for new enterprise Android offerings and upcoming EOL life dates for Windows

Saying good-bye to your outdated mobile device has never felt so right or been so easy! If you’re ready to trade up and save, check out the list of qualifying products today!