We are living in a mobile world, constantly connected to our mobile devices, whether at work, at home or at play. With employee productivity soaring, thanks to the widely accepted influx of BYOD, the mobile possibilities are limitless. But with constant security threats looming, how do you know what operating system is the safest and smartest choice for enterprise mobility management (EMM)?

Android Enterprise is a compelling choice and one that is rapidly becoming the preferred operating system for workforce enterprises. Organizations are capitalizing on its platform diversity, form factor and application flexibility and fluid improvements to security. The end result is a substantial improvement to daily operations, worker satisfaction and performance.

Offering a secure and consistent platform, Google designed data separation, security controls and standardized management tools throughout the Android framework, enabling companies to seamlessly deploy a multitude of Android devices. Businesses are achieving more, in less time, with a significant reduction in cost.

Let’s review some of the critical benefits Android Enterprise offers:

  • Full and Flexible Management for Company-Owned Devices
    • Policy controls
    • Strick lock-down
    • Single-use scenarios
  • Security
    • Multiple layers of built-in security powered by Google Intelligence
    • Always-on app analysis, scanning and removal
    • EMM enforced policy controls
    • Hardened platform security for device and data integrity
    • Mandatory device encryption and exploit mitigation
  • Options to Deploy Company Devices at Scale
    • Zero-Touch
    • NFC
    • EMM Token
    • QR Code
  • Modern Approach to BYOD
    • Separates work profiles from personal apps
    • IT accessibility to business data
    • Personal end-user data remains private
  • World’s Largest App Ecosystem
    • Apps distributed to a global audience
    • Integration with major enterprise mobility management providers
    • Distribution of corporate apps with one click
  • Application Management
    • Third-party and internal app management, configuration and deployment
    • Remote provisioning and configuration
    • White listed apps pushed to employees
    • Consistent and easily managed updates
  • Supported Management Scenarios:
    • Work Profile – BYOD
    • Work Managed – COBO
    • Single Use – COSU
    • Work Profiles on Fully Managed Devices – COPE


Android Enterprise also delivers mobile solutions for every worker and every situation – from employee phones and tablets to rugged devices designed for extreme environments. But with so many options on the market, how can you ensure that you select products and services that best meet your business needs?

Android Enterprise Recommended was designed for just this reason and to empower companies to find their perfect mobile enterprise solution. Android Enterprise Recommended provides you with the necessary tools to confidently select, deploy and manage mobile devices throughout your entire organization, saving you time and money.

Here are a few of the Android Enterprise Recommended devices:

  • Honeywell Dolphin CT40
  • Honeywell Dolphin CT60
  • Honeywell Dolphin CN80


Now that the fog of mystery and confusion has been lifted from enterprise mobility management services, it’s time to deploy innovative, secure and flexible mobile solutions throughout your organization with Android Enterprise, supported by Android Enterprise Recommended Honeywell devices.

It has been said that “motion has no past, only future”. With Informs, our goal is to keep you mobile and moving forward. Contact an Informs mobility expert today to move forward with a seamless transition to the Android operating system.