There are many moving parts when it comes to direct store delivery, or DSD. Combining delivery, pickup, merchandising, and inventory into a mobile operation requires careful planning and connectivity. Informs offers the devices to keep you on-target in real time.

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For high-volume products, merchandising is key. Mobile computers help make sure your products are on the shelf, accurately priced, and properly displayed to maximize your sales and efficiency. These devices combine a scanner, camera, and mobile device to help you keep inventory in check. Plus, with real-time visibility, you can ensure your products are provided on time and accurately. If your products are sensitive to time or temperature, or if you need traceability, our solutions help with that too.

Driving & Delivery

When you’re on the road, it can be challenging to keep accurate records. Our mobile devices allow you to restock, rotate inventory, remove unsellable products, and handle cash all in one device. Informs mobility solutions maximize workflow efficiencies to simplify these processes and increase route sales. Plus, our devices can help with on time and accurate deliveries, which is helpful for food products or deliveries to bars and restaurants.

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