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Transform customer experience, improve associate productivity and maximize supply chain efficiency with total solutions for in-store and warehouse. Informs offers rugged, versatile mobile computers, printers, RFID systems, and voice solutions that deliver superior performance and enhanced capabilities designed to help retailers improve inventory visibility and lower operating costs.


Store operations  Informs will help your company provide differentiated services that drive more frequent visits, increase basket sizes, and secure customer loyalty by improving their shopping experience.

Warehouse Operations  Our rugged data collection solutions, available with Vocollect Voice technology, help optimize order-picking and staging processes to ensure loading of the right goods, onto the right truck, in the correct sequence, for delivery to the designated store.

Delivery  Our comprehensive solutions enable drivers to record proof of delivery and customer receipt confirmations to order processing systems in real time, eliminating follow-up calls and other tracking delays, for a reduced order-to-cash cycle.

Field Service  Informs offers a vast portfolio of handheld computers and printers that allow mobile workers the ability to access customer data, record service activities, issue receipts and track inventory.

Transportation and Logistics  Informs will help you accurately track every item throughout the supply chain, saving immeasurable hours in cross docking, yard management, and pick-up and delivery operations. Our comprehensive offering of mobile computers, RFID systems, bar-code scanners and imagers, and voice picking solutions provide real-time information when and where it’s needed, for total visibility of your goods at all times. Realize a high ROI for virtually any transportation and logistics automation requirement with our dynamic, proven solutions.