About Us

At Informs, everything revolves around the customer. We are part of your team, providing insightful consulting and superior, cutting-edge solutions for data collection, management and tracking—all uniquely tailored for you. We’ll tour your facility, review your inventory, identify issues, then offer significant options to help you improve. With one call you’ll have access to our advanced experience and training, and to the expertise and products of respected manufacturers and suppliers that are our partners. Our knowledge and compliance with industry and government standards and stringent ISO processes ensures quality that is second to none.

Whether you have a small business or a large, international corporation, we’ll expertly handle even your most complex challenges while maintaining the personal responsiveness that sets us apart. Informs does it all, and how far we’re willing to go on your behalf is what sets us apart from everyone else.

Our Team
The Informs team provides you with access to a broad scope of collective expertise in a wide range of industries. Some of our team members are trained systems engineers, many have more than 15 years of experience, and all have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how information travels through a company and what products, resources and solutions will best serve your needs.

Informs is committed to continually improving to provide the greatest customer care with the next generation of solutions and innovative products by:

  • Providing resources and striving to meet our Quality Objectives
  • Satisfying ISO 9001:2015 and AIB Non-Food Contact Packaging Manufacturing Facilities
  • Distributing safe and compliant products
  • Making environmentally smart choices
  • Complying with regulatory and legal requirements