Supplies Price Increase FAQ


Why is Informs, Inc. raising supplies prices?

After almost 6 years of stable label and ribbon pricing, Informs has received notification from all our suppliers regarding industry-wide price increases on labels. These increases are being announced to the market as high as 9%.

What are some of the raw material drivers causing these price increase?

• Freight increases – Caused by a strong US economy, rebuilding after deadly hurricane season causing high demand for an already strained trucking industry
• Hourly wage increases – Up 12% since 2011, due to historically low unemployment and strong US economy
• Pulp paper increases – Up over 20% in the last 18 months
• Paper Liner increases – Caused by mill closures and strong US economy
• Leuco dye shortages – Caused by the closure of a major Chinese supplier, creating shortages and price increases of 9% on POS receipt grades
• Devaluation of US dollar – Down 12% in 2017, which is causing higher import costs for imported raw materials
• Adhesive increases – as high as 40% over the last 18 months, caused by higher crude prices and Hurricane Harvey • Polyester and Polypropylene film increases – Up 10% caused by higher crude prices

How will this affect my current quotes?

Informs will honor any pricing indicated on any current quote for 30 days from when the quote was sent. Effective August 1, 2018, all price increases will take into effect. Custom items will need to be requoted at the time of reorder. What price increase should I expect on most products? Most stock paper and synthetic items – 4 – 7%


Please contact your dedicated account manager if you have any further questions. Thanks!