From analysis and consultation to complete setup and integration with programs you currently use, we concentrate all of our resources on providing a complete solution, tailored to your specific needs. Our team will thoroughly assess your situation, requirements and problems before designing a technology solution that offers increased value and performance. We will evaluate specific return on investment and total cost of ownership, promising only what we know we can achieve. We have a long history of smooth, easy transitions for our customers and as your trusted advisor, we’ll take care of everything while providing you with uniquely customized solutions that consistently exceed your expectations.

Today’s devices run on Windows Mobile and Windows® CE.Net backbones and offer complete functionality of Windows operating system on a handheld device; Informs offers industry-leading software applications for fleet management, route accounting, and other field mobile applications.

Radio Frequency Identification utilizes low power radio waves to send and receive data between tags and readers; RFID readers simultaneously read and write to hundreds of tags within the read field. Informs offers RFID compliance solutions, including tags, portals, scanners, and printers.

Converting a stationary workplace to a mobile one is the easiest, most economical way to increase productivity of your current workers and infrastructure. Make your employees’ workplace mobile and free from stationary power sources and data cabling with a Mobile Workplace System by Informs.

Informs works with industry-leading technology software companies that solve the unique challenges involved in managing, securing, supporting and tracking remote mobile and desktop computing devices. We provide horizontal solutions tailored for healthcare, retail, manufacturing, government, logistics, field service, banking, and more.

Device Management

  • Management—Staging, updating, tracking, sending real-time messages, log issues with particular devices.
    Synchronization—Pull/push data to and from device, backup device OTA, restore application data, synchronize software versions.
  • Security—Lockdown device, protect from malware, ensure data safety, remote wipe, backup device, restrict software use, maintain appropriate access between individuals and devices.
  • Support—First-call resolution for most calls, reduce cost and time of support calls, resolve issues remotely whenever possible, fix and diagnose issues OTA.
  • Reporting and tracking—Maintain record of devices and installed software; report on battery life, signal strength, and other device statistics; monitor current and previous device locations; find/recover lost or stolen devices.

Core Features

  • Management—Hardware/software inventory, positioning of software and data, data synchronization, alerts.
    Helpdesk and support—Remote control, troubleshooting tools, automatic diagnostic tools.
  • Security—User/hardware authentication, data encryption–process run control, kiosk mode operation.
  • Location services—Real-time location tracking of mobile assets, historical data/route history, locate vehicles/mobile workers by area code or region.

Lot Traceability. Informs provides service inventory and production management tools designed to efficiently meet the lot traceability concerns of companies ranging from Fortune 500 food processors to suppliers in multiple tier supply chains. Our expense-based solutions: support barcoding and RFID systems; integrate with existing systems such as ERP/accounting; offer quick, easy implementation; and require minimal technical skills to run. With a low, upfront setup cost and no long-term commitment, our solutions offer easily identifiable cost savings over traditional warehouse management/traceability systems.


  • Easy access to all lot numbers and related manufacturing data for any ingredients/inputs you receive.
  • Trace lot, supplier manufacturing date, and delivery date and carrier, from supplier to finished products and lots made from them.
  • Track delivery of finished products and lots to each customer by exact time and carrier.
  • Generate lot tracing lists that include only lots that have actually completed production.
  • Record container type of incoming material, e.g., 400 qty 16 oz bottles (instead of 400 lbs).
  • Maintain current database of physical addresses for all carriers, suppliers and customers.
  • Record extensive data for products bought and sold by your organization, even if never touched. Record delivery date, carrier, and store of destination for every lot shipped.
  • Record and trace inventory and goods moved between separate legal entities within your company, as if received from outside suppliers and shipped to customers.
  • Track all incoming and outgoing product samples.
  • Our solutions are acknowledged by trade associations as exemplary in meeting FDA, CANTRACE and GFSI traceability standards.

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