If you haven’t had “the talk”, it’s time you do – because your security depends on it. It’s time to talk about the Mobility Edge™ platform by Honeywell. Mobility Edge is the only platform that guarantees the longest security lifecycle support in the industry, by utilizing Android™ R and Google-supplied security patches through 2023. In addition, Honeywell offers the Sentinel Service, providing two more years of security patches, based on back-porting from future OS releases. Talk about security!

What Are the Facts?
Now let’s talk facts. Hardware refresh is expensive. It’s time consuming. And it’s precarious. But here’s another fact. Mobility Edge eliminates these three factors without even breaking a sweat. Incorporating an enterprise wide approach to patch releases, the total cost of ownership is significantly diminished, saving time, money and a whole lot of frustration. Plus, thanks to Android R, the hardware is designed to support twice as many OS upgrades as the competition. And here’s a fun fact: you’ll never have to deal with fragmented mobile computing again!

It’s also a fact that it’s impossible to predict the future, no matter how informed we remain. That is why Honeywell denotes two years as the appropriate length of time to responsibly deliver security patches based on backporting. It is due to the Android R compatibility that this is possible, as opposed to five or ten years of backporting offered by competitors. The fact is, Honeywell believes that five to ten years is quite simply an unacceptable risk.

 How Does This Impact Future Devices?
In previous analysis of the Mobility Edge platform, we identified numerous advantages: accelerated deployments, optimized performance, enhanced security and extended device lifecycle, leading to a unified mobile enterprise. We’ve discussed how this agility drives performance, productivity, worker satisfaction and revenue. But amazingly, Honeywell didn’t stop there. They essentially “future-proofed” devices so that that all subsequent mobile hardware and software upgrades would integrate seamlessly with future versions of Android. That is the epitome of lifecycle longevity.

How Do I Get Started?
The facts are clear. Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform, supported by Android R, is the smart, seamless and cost-effective way to deploy mobile solutions that deliver intuitive integration and future adaptability. If you’re ready to respond to the facts, but the next steps seem daunting, Informs can help with every step, from understanding migration requirements, to integrating and deploying the Mobility Edge platform with Android R across your enterprise.

Let the technical experts at Informs provide:

  • Guidance on OS migration requirements and implementation.
  • Direction on enterprise-wide device integration.
  • Navigation through the comprehensive line of innovative Honeywell Mobility Edge compatible products and solutions.
  • ANSWERS to all your Mobility Edge questions.

It’s time to face the facts and look to the future. Contact an Informs Specialist today if you’re ready to elevate your mobile enterprise environment to the next level.