Your material handlers need to be constantly on the move to ensure the productivity and efficiency necessary to compete in today’s tough competitive environment. The most important decision you can make toward mobilizing your workforce is to equip them with data collection devices that enable them to quickly and accurately scan goods.  Follow this simple, three-step approach and you will be well on your way to scoring the lower costs, greater worker productivity and a variety of other benefits of a mobilized workforce.

dolphin7800 mobile computer

  1. Know Your Options

There are dozens of possible hardware and software configurations, with any number of options that can take your environment to maximum efficiency or—if you choose a device that doesn’t quite meet your needs—maximum hassles. Depending on your environment and your applications, you will want to ensure you choose the right device(s). For an industrial environment, you may need something more ruggedized to handle a number of users and multiple shifts, for example.  Or maybe you need a handheld mobile computer for picking and packing applications that is responsive, easy-to-use and light weight.  Above all, start with a plan that outlines the needs of each area in your warehouse and build a wish list to identify the features that you need most.

  1. Consult an Expert

Even after you think you know exactly which devices are best for you, it still makes sense to work with an expert to help you identify the various makes and models that match those features. A value-added reseller (VAR) can offer advice and guidance that you may not always get from a web search, they most likely will have plenty of hands-on experience with applications just like yours, and they may have insight about particular models or manufacturers that work best in your environment. Don’t hesitate to ask for references and on-site meeting to get familiar with their skill set.

While it may seem as though an online purchase is easy and cost effective, in the long run, it may be a poor choice. If you are making your initial transition from a manual to an automated process, you will want a technical advisor to assist with systems integration, network set-up, device configuration and security. A VAR with experience in your industry is more valuable to you than a generalist because they will understand the many unique requirements you have. At Informs, our average sales associate has 16 years of data collection industry experience, so you can be assured they have seen it all and are familiar with best practices.

  1. Get Support

While most devices will operate trouble-free, users may need training, have questions or concerns. It pays to have a trusted advisor on your side to help you resolve any issues. At Informs, we understand the technology and the complexities of data collection. We know how to troubleshoot your entire system. In fact, we have a dedicated helpdesk for quick solutions to hardware issues.  With an online retailer, you just won’t get the level of support that is needed – when you need it.  The savings you might gain by purchasing online will end up costing more in the end in terms of downtime and lack of resource when trying to get even the simplest of issues resolved.  With an experienced partner like us,  you get seamless deployment, integration, and service.

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