Unless mobile computers, associated bar code readers and labels have been designed with features required specifically for use in cold environments, the level of their reliability will fall right along with the temperatures.

Standard device models deliver less-than-sub-standard performance if they are consistently used in freezers or exposed to frequent temperature changes.

Increase efficiency with cold-storage specific hardware for:

  • Longer battery life for mobile computers
  • Zero condensation on screens of mobile computers and vehicle mount computers
    • The most detrimental result of cold storage environments in the short and long term is condensation.
  • Quicker read times due to specialized heaters for scanners, specifically for use on fork trucks

Practically every component of a device, from the casing to the internal circuitry, can be optimized for use in cold conditions.  Without these adaptations, your devices will not thrive in cold conditions that require the ability to adapt to the environment.

Products to consider in cold environments:

  • Mobile Computers
    • Engineered specifically for cold storage environments with a cold storage battery
  • Vehicle Mount Computers with built-in defrosters
  • Scanner heaters for Vehicle Mount Scanners
  • Cold temperature specialized adhesive for labels

Workers shouldn’t have to work hard to keep their mobile computers functioning. Contact Informs for more information on how we can help adapt your devices to their environment.