Blood Bank Labels

Informs’ ISBT 128 blood bank labels are FDA compliant and are made to meet rigorous hospital application requirements. In addition to being chemical resistant, these labels can withstand the temperature changes that come with heated incubation and cryogenic freezer storage. Informs has partnered with Intermec by Honeywell to offer they best blood bank labels on the market.

Intermec’s blood bag label products are designed for the needs of this critical tracking application. An aggressive adhesive securely bonds the label to the filled bag; the pliable face sheet flexes with it during centrifugation and multiple handling steps. With a wide service temperature range, Intermec labels remain positively attached through the broad range of blood component storage temperatures. Qualification testing through multiple freeze/thaw cycles ensures labels readily endure the harsh treatments commonly encountered.

Intermec blood bag media complies with the industry standard 21 CFR 175.105, increasing assurance of safety. Images printed on Intermec blood bag labels with the durable TMX3000 or TMX2000 series ribbons, readily endure extensive handling, further adding to the robustness of the product set. Crisp, high contrast print ensures consistent scanning and imaging performance, eliminating error-prone manual data entry. Labels can be provided in full face, single or double quadrant with or without DIN (Donor ID Number) cutouts. Piggyback material is also available for multi-step bag tracking or donor set labels.

Why choose blood bank labels from Informs?



The most common complaint among blood bank professionals is the trouble their scanners have with reading the barcodes.

Our blood bank labels have been tested for readability to ensure that scanners can read them easily – Informs’ labels are made of a matte material that lends itself to quick, efficient scanning.


Informs labels are guaranteed to remain intact even in the harshest environments. While other labels fade and degrade when stored in moist environments, our labels remain readable and, most importantly, they adhere to the blood bags they are identifying.


For convenience and affordability, Informs offers direct thermal blood bank labels. An alternative to thermal transfer, direct thermal labels do not require purchase and installation of a ribbon.

Informs’ relationships with the top label vendors in the industry means you’ll receive the best pricing possible. Many customers also experience a significant saving when purchasing from Informs instead of a group purchasing organization (GPO).

Other Customer Benefits:

  • Reliable blood bag tracking with durable labels
  • Assured compliance with government and industry standards
  • Application-tailored adhesive and face sheet to maintain bond with flexible blood bags during processing and handling
  • Durable, high contrast print for consistent scanning performance
  • Reduced total cost of ownership with free printhead replacement program when purchasing media and printers from Informs

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