In the supply chain, you often still rely on your older legacy applications long after the original terminal has become obsolete. Without terminal emulation software, accessing these backend systems required bogging down your IT department writing code that would allow newer devices to run this old software. This required a lot of man hours and was inefficient.

Now, with modern terminal emulation software, you can easily interface with older terminals and work with legacy applications without the need for any new code or programming. The benefits of terminal emulation software extend to mobile workers throughout deployment.

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Speed and Reliability

For mobile devices used in the supply chain, terminal emulation keeps your workers connected and productive. They can access the legacy software systems they need on the go, while still staying connected on mobile devices. Newer software bridges the gap between older key-centric interfaces and newer touch-centric ones.

Instead of navigating through green screens, the right terminal emulation software will allow these devices to be more user-friendly and mimic touchscreen interfaces that workers are already familiar with. This transforms applications to be much more intuitive, which allows workers to perform tasks more efficiently.


Leading terminal emulation software can mitigate the risk of viruses through enhanced, secure communications. Before, losing connection with the host application could result in lost terminal emulation sessions, but with wireless session persistence, you can preserve data and productivity should the connection be disrupted.

Additionally, it allows workers to stay in one browser, rather than switching back and forth between multiple browsers, which further reduces the risk of viruses and provides secure communication between devices.


The latest terminal emulation software, like that offered by Informs, Inc. allows you to customize your software to your specific business processes. We do this by adjusting key mapping so that certain numbers or commands on the keypad perform specific actions.

We can also customize the device environment to avoid pitfalls, like programs shutting down without saving, or accidentally exiting out of something that needs to run continuously all shift.

Service and Support

If you are looking for terminal emulation software for your enterprise, make sure you consider how you will maintain your technology. Look for tools that help your team quickly troubleshoot problems, like centralized software management or remote management.

Many terminal emulation apps come ready to go right out of the box. Others may need to be installed. Your provider should offer service and support, as well as insight on which terminal emulation apps are right for your operation. Make sure they have a team of industry experts available to help quickly identify and solve problems when you need extra assistance.

OS Migration

Now that support for Windows Embedded devices is coming to an end, enterprises are looking at how they will handle the upcoming migration to Android devices when their existing software is configured for Windows. Luckily, Informs offers advanced terminal emulation software that makes it easy for you to navigate the transition and continue using your software on newer future-proof Android devices. This software is compatible with all Informs devices and can be preloaded when you purchase your new device. We recommend checking out Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform. It includes rugged, scalable devices supported through Android, and offers a repeatable and extensible approach for deploying and managing mobile solutions across your enterprises, with less risk and less cost.

Not only will this move get you where you need to be, it will allow you to tap into faster speeds, an improved user experience, heighten control over security upgrades and position you to take advantage of benefits from the IoT.

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