Customers have become accustomed to fast delivery. It’s no longer a benefit, but an expectation. So, you need to maximize efficiency without sacrificing accuracy. If you’re using automated data collection in your picking and shipping, you’re halfway there.

Do you maintain visibility of your fleet while it’s en route to your customers? Are they equipped with the mobile technology they need to be agile in response to changes to the route and the orders (new orders, corrections, returns)?

With today’s rugged mobile devices—handheld computers and mobile printers—you empower your delivery team with the knowledge they need to make the right decisions quickly. With a few taps on the touchscreen, they can:

  • Check inventory, order history, and pricing
  • Rely on an electronic manifest to avoid all the paper shuffling that happens with a manual system
  • Easily locate the correct cartons on the truck by scanning the barcodes on the labels
  • Validate package condition on delivery
  • Confirm and automatically record the delivery, including date, time, and store stamp
  • Process payment and credit
  • Place, revise, and transmit orders on-site
  • Identify the most efficient and cost-effective routes

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Electronic driver logs allow you to track your fleet in real time and readily comply with FMCSA safety guidelines. The mandated Electronic Driver Log (ELD) tracks the driver’s speed history, idle time, and fuel economy—data that provides you with valuable insights to optimize safety and efficiency,

Informs specializes in purpose-built mobile technology and provides a complete portfolio of solutions for delivery operations. The mobile computers we offer are designed with the functions your team needs in the field. These mobile computers feature sleek, consumer styling, but they’re equipped with enterprise-grade data capture and security, and the durability to withstand the harsh conditions of delivery and route accounting.

You’re facing tough competition and tight windows for delivery. If you’re not leveraging the power and value of fleet mobility, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to improve your delivery operation’s profitability, efficiency, and accuracy, as well as heighten the all-important customer satisfaction. Contact Informs to learn how we can address your fleet management challenges.