In busy hospital environments, patient care and safety are top priorities, but sometimes they can fall by the wayside when inefficient processes slow workflow rather than streamline it. Fortunately, with improvements in technology and healthcare, there are solutions available that effectively improve patient care while simultaneously saving time and increasing productivity.

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities can leverage automatic data collection technologies like mobile computers, barcode scanners, and more to keep patients safe and well cared for. Here are a few solutions that improve patient care:

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Patient misidentification can lead to disastrous consequences, and manual record-keeping inevitably leads to human error. Barcode wristbands are an easy, effective way to ensure that patients can always be identified accurately.

Patients aren’t the only ones being helped by barcoding technology. Hospitals and healthcare facilities can use barcode labels to identify and track specimens and supplies. This prevents against misidentification, reduces errors, and ensures that inventory is always accurate and up-to-date.


There are many advantages to real-time location data, and RFID technology is a great way to access these benefits. Real-time tracking can be used on campus for hospitals to track anything from surgical equipment to IT equipment.

Real-time tracking can improve patient safety by ensuring you are always aware of the supplies you have on-hand, and where they are located. When a patient needs a certain procedure, you want to make sure you have everything you need readily available. This also has a secondary cost benefit by helping you to avoid purchasing excess supplies.


You can simultaneously improve patient care while you increase the efficiency of doctors and nurses by providing them with mobile devices. These work wonders at keeping workers connected both to each other, and to their patients. Connectivity provides instantaneous access to critical data, which frees up time for healthcare workers to focus more on providing quality care to patients. It also allows them to remotely monitor patients and be alerted in real-time when alarms are triggered, so they can respond promptly.

With the healthcare industry being as widespread and valued as it is, there is a major opportunity to increase efficiency and reduce errors using Honeywell connected technology. These solutions make it easier for healthcare providers to effectively track patients, medications, assets, and inventory, while also providing an auditable record of their activities to help ensure compliance with best practices.

One of the most recommended devices for healthcare professionals looking to improve patient care is the Honeywell Dolphin CT50h clinical smartphone. Specifically designed to help clinicians better focus on their patients, the CT50h provides mobile access to clinical systems, vital patient data, and other hospital staff. The rugged design makes it perfectly suited for busy environments, while the long battery lifespan ensures no downtime for a full 12-hour shift.

The CT50h also boasts unparalleled scanning performance for both 1D and 2D barcodes, which helps with correct patient identification as well as data entry, making it a great tool to help improve patient care.

Improving Care with Technology

As a member of the healthcare industry, your primary focus will always be on ensuring you provide your patients with the best care possible. To achieve that, you need to have the right tools and technology at your disposal. Manufacturers like Honeywell have gone to great lengths to help healthcare providers improve patient care and safety. If you are interested in learning what Honeywell devices can do for your operation, contact the team at Informs today.