Brewery RFID Program

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Put keg tracking and traceability back into your own hands.


Do you know the location of a specific keg? Do you know when the keg was sent out for distribution?


Radio-frequequency identification (RFID) technology allows you to identify the status of your kegs and keg location. Whether unfilled and in inventory, filled and in the cooler, out in distribution, or in the sanitation line, RFID keeps track of each keg to ensure your production process runs smoothly.


Simply scan the RFID tag on the keg at each step to track it’s location. If a keg is damaged when returned, this program allows you to take it out of the normal cycle and track it’s repair time.


This technology also assists in diagnosing issues in your supply chain. If the RFID barcode associated with each individual keg does not cycle back into your building by the date which you have set, you then have the ability to run a report on outstanding kegs and get an idea of where the delays are taking place.


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