Since the dawn of the internet in 1982, new technologies have revolutionized the way we live. From technologies like the iPhone, that have made our daily lives easier, to 3D Printers that have transformed the way we approach problems in healthcare today, each new tool introduced into society, continues to consistently change the way we live.

One area that continues to draw the attention from many is wearable technology. Wearable technology, like the Apple Watch or Google Glass, allows each one of us to utilize merely all expertise available on our smartphones, without having one in tow. Furthermore, these new technologies allow users to make payments, receive weather updates or directions, and even measure their own heartbeats, all in the blink of an eye. Similar to the introduction of the internet, the cell phone, and ultimately the smartphone, wearable technology continues to propel us forward, to the next level.

The consumer world is not the only one that has benefited from wearable technology; life has become much easier in the warehouse too. Wearable solutions in the warehouse have begun to transform processes by improving efficiency and boosting worker productivity, both essential steps needed to compete in the world today. Now more than ever, online shopping has reformed customer behavior. In our ever-changing world, consumers now demand quick delivery to their homes, requiring warehouses to work more efficiently and more accurately than ever before.

The hands-free wearable technology solution: a mobile computer is a multi-modal solution that enables workers to fulfill more orders at a faster and easier pace. This not only increases efficiency, but also improves worker productivity every step of the way. Additionally, the hands-free mobile computer allows workers to provide voice instructions, view items or choose locations on a screen, scan any barcode or RFID tag, and utilize the touchscreen capabilities to enter information accurately and effortlessly. With each of these functions combined, these multi-modal solutions can deliver a dramatic increase in both, productivity and accuracy across the board.

However, these solutions don’t stop at the mobile computer. By combining it with a Bluetooth 1D/2D ring scanner, a Bluetooth or corded headset, or a software solution that allows each worker to create user-friendly applications, your warehouse will have the perfect enterprise-class wearable solution.

Multi-modal solutions, can cut costs in your warehouse, improve worker productivity by 15%, and reduce errors by 39%! These hands-free mobile computers allow your workers to have better range when scanning barcodes or RFID tags and enable them to have better motion tolerance, resulting in less fatigue and muscle cramping for your employees. Moreover, this multi-modal solution receives faster reads and ensures better scanning performance than other leading solutions. Don’t miss out; discover how these latest devices can improve your warehouse, at a fraction of the cost.

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One example of how mobile computers are revolutionizing the warehouses in American society today.