The Best Option for Migrating from Windows Embedded Handheld

With Microsoft ending all support for Windows Embedded mobile operating systems, making the switch to Android has become the primary strategy for thousands of enterprises.

Organizations as diverse as Home Depot, Whirlpool, Best Buy and even the U.S. Air Force are all turning to Android to achieve better mobile productivity and efficiency, especially as Microsoft’s support for enterprise mobile computing has waned.

For most companies, migrating to Android isn’t a matter of “if” but “when.” Depending on the version of Windows Embedded you’ve been running on your devices, support has already ended or will end by January 2020. That means there will be no further updates and no security patches.

That could create a world of opportunities for potential cyberattackers, particularly at a time when threats against business of all sizes are on the rise.

Fortunately, future-proofing your mobile operations and protecting against these threats is easier and less expensive than ever before. This is thanks to a major change in the enterprise mobility industry.

As Microsoft has steadily turned away from the enterprise market and frustrated end users by making it impossible to upgrade from most of its older operating systems to Windows 10 IoT, Android has emerged as the new future.

Android is now the OS of choice for all major enterprise device manufacturers, enjoying over 80% market share in enterprise mobile devices, while Windows 10 IoT is only available on 4% of all new devices produced today.

Manufacturers such as Zebra Technologies have worked closely with Google to develop the next generation of mobile solutions powered by Android, with over 20 models of Zebra Android devices in use around the world.

In fact, Google includes a number of Zebra’s latest devices on its Android Enterprise Recommended list, a compilation of devices that have met its most stringent requirements for security, usability, and rugged performance.

At Informs, we recommend Zebra’s enterprise Android mobile computers for their unparalleled durability, ease of use, and lower total cost of ownership. Combined with Android, they make it much easier to migrate to a new, modern OS for several key reasons:

Flexible Migration
Android is open source and customizable, with access to vast developer resources and app store apps. This makes it much less time-consuming and expensive to migrate or develop your own custom Android apps.

Powerful Security
Thanks to new Mobility Extensions developed by Zebra, Android devices are powerfully secure. You get complete control over every device, app, connection, and user. Over-the-air updates also make it much easier to apply the latest security patches, while Zebra’s LifeGuard™ for Android™ gives you 10 years of guaranteed OS support.

Intuitive & Easy Interface
Android devices are easier and faster to use, with an extremely intuitive interface that is familiar to many workers and makes it much easier to train new employees.

More Productivity & Efficiency
Zebra’s Android devices are revolutionizing manufacturing and warehousing processes with advanced scanning engines, faster processors, and more memory. In fact, with Zebra’s TC8000 touch mobile computer, you can increase worker productivity by up to 14% per shift.

Planning Your OS Migration
By switching to Android, you can turn the necessity of OS migration into a win for your business. But if you don’t already have a plan in place, now is the time to act.

At Informs, we can help you develop the right OS migration plan with a strategic, manageable, and budget-friendly approach. We’ll also help you find the right Zebra Android solutions to match your business needs.

Contact us now to get started and request a free consultation.

Mobility Edge Products and Support

There is power in unification. The type of power that drives revenue, productivity and efficiency. Honeywell’s Mobility Edge™ is the power behind a dynamic, unified hardware and software platform that will transform your mobile device management. It will transform your business.

The Mobility Edge platform doesn’t just boast about extended lifecycles and enhanced security. It delivers. It even guarantees it. Mobility Edge is the only platform that offers support through Android™ R, guaranteeing the longest security lifecycle in the industry. Now that’s the power behind unification.

But how do you unleash this power to see real results? How do you integrate this unification into daily operations and create cohesion and efficiency throughout your enterprise mobility environment? Here’s how:

  1. Accelerated Deployments – By validating all mobile devices just once and deploying throughout the entire enterprise, you save both time and money. Mobility Edge expedites development, certification, setup and training through a rapid provisioning suite and versatile capabilities.
  1. Optimized Business Performance – Powerful embedded tools throughout the platform drive faster data capture and secure worker communications, leading to an intuitive user experience. This facilitates user adoption, enabling employees to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.
  1. Extended Security Lifecycle – Mobility Edge can support twice as many operating system upgrades as its competitors via enterprise-wide patch releases and future-proof hardware. Support through Android R ensures the longest security lifecycle available today.
  1. Strengthened Security – Say farewell to fragmented mobile computing and hello to a dynamic hardware and software platform that delivers agility, integration, security, scalability and consistency across your entire mobile environment.

We’ve addressed the “how”. But the “what” can be complex and confusing. How do you identify the right mobility devices to synergize with the Mobility Edge platform? Informs can help you select the products that align with your business goals and promote seamless integration, ease of use, improved productivity and increased savings. Informs Specialists have the training, skills and expertise to guide and support you through every step of the process.

Recommended products built on the Mobility Edge platform include:

  1. Dolphin CT40 Mobile Computer

Built on Android and the Mobility Edge platform, this full-touch, durable mobile computer is designed to help businesses accelerate workflows and provide a seamless customer experience.

  1. Dolphin CT60 Handheld Computer

This robust computer is built to deploy easily in the field and is ideal for anywhere, anytime connectivity, delivering fast data capture and maximizing uptime and productivity.

  1. Dolphin CN80 Mobile Computer

Improve the speed and accuracy of day-to-day operations with the full-touch or key-dependent capabilities of the CN80 handheld computer.

  1. CN75 / CN75e Mobile Computers

These ultra-rugged mobile computers offer versatility, reliability, power and ergonomic comfort in a compact form, specifically designed for mobile field service workers.

  1. Thor VM1A Vehicle-Mounted Computer

Enjoy the easy to use and easy to maintain features of the Thor VM1, while experiencing accelerated provisioning and deployment, ultimate performance and lower TCO.

When you’re ready to infuse your business with the power of the Mobility Edge platform, contact an Informs Specialist. We can help you bring unity to your mobile enterprise environment.

Honeywell Media Overview + Free Media Kit

Time is money. And if you’re spending too much time dealing with unreliable printers and equipment in your warehouse or distribution center, you are losing money. Today that changes. Because Informs and Honeywell have collaborated to bring you printing solutions that deliver exceptional quality and unparalleled reliability. No matter how challenging the task or demanding the environment, Informs has the Honeywell product to take you to the next level.

With years of expertise and dedicated support, Informs is your go-to supplier for the most robust and dependable Honeywell industrial printers and printer media supplies. Whether it be thermal printing technology or Smart Labels that incorporate UHF inlays, Informs has the solution to meet your most imposing printing challenges.

Experience the ingenuity behind these stellar Honeywell printer media solutions:

Barcode Labels offer the broadest scope of printing support, including thermal printing technology, that can be used with both direct thermal and thermal transfer printers and are tear, heat and moisture resistant. Products include:

  • Direct Thermal Paper Labels
  • Thermal Transfer Paper Labels
  • Thermal Transfer Film Labels

Barcode Tags deliver durable, accurate and superior performance tag media to tackle the most demanding tracking applications, across multiple price points and performance measurements. Available in:

  • Paper
  • Synthetic Face Stock

Receipt Media provides the highest-level print quality of Honeywell’s Duratherm™ direct-thermal receipt paper, available in top-coated, as well as uncoated rolls.

  • Custom products, such as linerless labels, are also available.
  • Duratherm Receipt is co-engineered with Honeywell printers to provide maximum performance and extended print head life when used together.

RFID Labels are Smart Labels that actually combine the most up-to-date UHF inlays with a variety of thermal printing materials, including thermal transfer or direct thermal printing and chip encoding. Applications include:

  • Compliance
  • DoD
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Consumer Goods Distribution
  • Document and Record Tracking

Thermal Ribbons produce crystal-clear, smear-proof text and barcodes on an array of materials (paper and film) by combining Honeywell’s thermal transfer ThermaMAX™ ribbons with co-engineered labels and tags. Products include:

  • TMX1000 ThermaMAX Thermal Ribbons
  • TMX2000 ThermaMAX Thermal Ribbons
  • TMX3000 ThermaMAX Thermal Ribbons

Wristbands are resistant to hand sanitizers and other cleansers, providing tamper-evident features, positive patient identification and even patient comfort. Products include:

  • INband II

To prove how serious we are about supporting your most extreme printing demands, we are offering a FREE PRINT MEDIA SAMPLE KIT! Simply complete the online form, and your kit will be sent to you free of charge. There’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain! Learn how

Request your free media kit here. Let Informs help you take back control of your time and your money – for FREE!

Your AIDC Resolution: Work Smarter with Smart Printing

Your AIDC Resolution: Work Smarter with Smart Printing

Make working smarter, not harder, your New Year’s resolution! Informs and Honeywell can help you achieve this goal with the newest innovation in printing solutions – Honeywell Smart Printers. By integrating the functionality of a personal computer into a Smart Printer, businesses are able to boost productivity, reduce operating costs and improve accuracy.

Informs brings you Honeywell Smart Printing technology, where the “intelligence” of a computer is actually inside the printer, completely eliminating the need for a connected PC. Smart Printing utilizes the memory and processing capabilities of advanced printers to connect to and control devices, run printing operations and integrate with enterprise systems. This is all accomplished independently, without requiring a network connection to a separate host computer.

This truly sets Smart Printers apart from standard models. Smart Printers run software applications and function as a programmable logic controller to other devices, such as scales, scanners and label applicators. Many Smart Printers provide software connectivity options to enterprise systems, essentially removing the need for middleware or custom interface development. Plus, Smart Printers are easier to install and quite simply, smarter by design.

Self-management is another invaluable attribute of Smart Printers. This enables the printer to: 1) monitor print quality, 2) automatically adjust bar code position to accommodate a failing printhead and 3) provide troubleshooting instructions to the operator when self-correction is not available. In high-volume, automated environments where downtime is not an option, Smart Printers that are compatible with enterprise device management systems are not only a bonus, but a must.

By eradicating the need for additional PCs and cables that require installation and maintenance, the simplified system architecture of Honeywell Smart Printers significantly lowers your total cost of ownership. And with more onboard memory than computer-dependent printers, Smart Printers speed up common maintenance tasks and maximize workflows. The bottom line – your New Year’s resolution to implement Smart Printing into your daily operations will help you lower IT, networking and support costs, simplify routine tasks and streamline overall printing processes. Now that’s the way to ring in a new year!

Let’s recap the numerous advantages of Honeywell Smart Printers.

  • Operates independently from a host computer.
  • Acts as a programmable logic controller for peripheral devices, such as scanners, scales and keyboards.
  • Drives databases that automatically include product codes, unit prices, customer ID numbers and the like in the printed output.
  • Processes multiple transactions, executes payment and runs standalone apps.
  • Connects instantly to scales, bar code scanners and other peripherals.
  • Formats variable data input into information on printed labels, receipts or documents.
  • Functions in mobile environments where wireless networks and host devices are not available.
  • Offers self-diagnostic, troubleshooting and remote management capabilities.

With a variety of Honeywell Smart Printer models available, Informs can help guide you to the perfect Smart Printing solution.

Industrial Printers:

  • High Performance Printers
  • Mid-Range Printers
  • Commercial Printers
  • Ultra-Compact Printers

Mobile Printers:

  • Mobile Label Printers
  • Mobile Receipt Printers
  • Workboard Printers

Desktop Printers

At Informs, we have the knowledge, training and expertise to guide you through the process of implementing Smart Printing technology into your organization. Contact us today for a FREE hands-on demo of one of the smartest decisions you’ll make this year!

Why Informs? The Value of Service

When you make a significant investment in technology, you’re investing in more than just the products you’re buying. Ultimately, what you really want to purchase is peace of mind. But in this day and age where it’s all about the quick sale, that sentiment is rare. At Informs, we understand that a purchase is so much more than a product. It’s about service. It’s about support. It’s about a relationship. That’s why Informs is more than one of the largest Honeywell resellers in the United States. We are your partner. We are your support. We are your personal helpdesk. Because service shouldn’t end when you purchase a product. At Informs, this is just the beginning.

Whether you need system and device configuration, custom packaging and kitting, software preloading or special volume-based pricing, our comprehensive array of services are designed to meet your unique needs. Knowledgeable, attentive and available 24/7, the Informs team of experts can guide you through program implementation and integration, develop plans to help you streamline processes and ensure that you have the support you need, right when you need it, as long as you need it. Now that’s peace of mind.

We have a multitude of services to accommodate your specific requirements:

General Services

  • Online Ordering Systems and Customer Storefronts
  • Custom Billing and Reporting
  • Prototyping Pilot Programs


Managed Services

  • 24/7 Hardware, Software, Application and Connectivity Support
  • Overnight Replacement and Warranty Management
  • Secure Mobile Device Management
  • Quarterly Business and Analytics Data Review


Technical Services

  • 24/7 Support
  • Maintenance and Service Programs
  • Depot and Onsite Repair
  • Spare Pool Management
  • National Coverage


Professional Services

  • Site Surveys
  • Network Design
  • Application Development
  • Installation
  • System Integration
  • RFID Solutions


Inventory Management

  • Onsite Management
  • Inventory Monitoring
  • Purchase and Usage Tracking
  • Backup Stock Replenishment


Supply Chain Logistics

  • Fulfillment
  • Blind Drop Shipping
  • Integration with Electronic Data Interchange
  • Customized Box and Pallet Labels



  • Remote Webinars
  • Onsite Training
  • How-to-Videos
  • Instruction Manuals


In addition, Informs specialists have extensive training and proficiency in cutting-edge Honeywell technology, like the Mobility Edge™ platform, Smart Printing and OS migration. Informs offers more than products, they deliver full-scale solutions. They develop a roadmap to help you integrate these enterprise solutions throughout your organization to drive revenue, increase productivity, simplify daily operations and improve worker satisfaction. When you purchase a Honeywell product from Informs, you purchase a relationship. You purchase a skilled and knowledgeable professional who can take you seamlessly from delivery to implementation and guide you through every step in between. When you purchase Honeywell products and solutions from Informs, you purchase peace of mind.

This invaluable 24/7 support, guidance and dedication to your success is Informs’ commitment to every customer. Contact us today to start building a partnership that will elevate you above the competition.