For some companies, managed services seem like a luxury. Why let another company be involved in every step of your enterprise technology implementation? The reality is that managed services are the only way to get the most out of your devices. From planning to deployment to ongoing analytics, having a managed services provider on your side boosts the value of the technology systems you’ve worked so hard to create.

  1. We Know Tech: Your company thrives in your industry because you bring years of ex­perience and are passionate about your work. That’s how we feel about technology! By using a managed service provider (MSP), companies get to focus on their business while leaving the complexities of technology to companies like Informs who bring experience and passion to your business technology.
  1. Good Product Fit: Because we love what we do, it’s natural for us to stay on top of in­dustry trends and product releases. Informs learns about the benefits of certain products over others and how they fit into the technology plans of companies with certain budgets or in certain industries. All of this knowledge is passed on to you, allowing you to save time testing products and solutions that may not be the best fit for your business.
  1. Decreased Spending: A recent study by CompTIA showed that 46% of businesses using MSPs have reduced their security budgets by at least 25% or more and 13% of those who reduced their budgets did so by more than 50%, a significant savings! Where does that savings come from? Outsourcing the IT work included in a managed services offering is far less expensive than hiring additional employees. MSPs don’t need bene­fits, vacation time, or training, which adds up to huge savings for you.
  1. Stay on Schedule: More than ever, internal IT teams are reporting that they have too many tasks and not enough manpower. Partnering with an MSP is a good way to rem­edy this complaint. MSPs focus their time on monitoring your devices, running analytic reports, and diagnosing issues. This ensures that tasks happen on time and are given the time they need to be done well.
  1. Comprehensive Support: If something does go wrong with your devices, we have data and automated analytics to diagnose the issue with speed and precision. The sole goal of an MSP is to keep your device in working condition to reduce downtime and errors at every stage of your device lifecycle. We stay attuned to the status of your de­vices from configuration to deployment, from security to repair, and on to analytics and optimization.


Informs’ managed service programs are highly customized to fit your unique business needs. Visit to view our 6-step outline and sign up for your integrated technology planning session.