Wireless mobile technology has been a staple of field service management for years. Handheld computers are used to drive down costs, connect workers, and transform your operations to a more efficient, productive force. However, since this technology is so popular in the industry, it can remain difficult to gain a competitive advantage.

With the right blend of processes and technology, you could achieve more success. It takes an in-depth understanding of how to beset leverage your mobile technology for field service management. Here are a few ways you can do that:

Work Order Management

Paper work orders are inefficient and time-consuming. When you equip your team with mobile computers, you give them instant access to the data they need to work more effectively.

Workers can keep track of vital customer and work information that they can use to streamline the overall data collection process, while you can use field service workforce management software to generate schedules and routes for technicians and ensure your resources are being used efficiently. Push these assignments to the mobile devices you equip your technicians with, and eliminate the need for your technicians to check in at central locations for assignments.

Mobile computers connect your workforce in the field with operations in the office to create a unified front, which helps track progress on work orders and customer requests. Staying connected in the field is critical for better productivity.

Data Management

More than 90% of field service professionals surveyed said that access to timely, accurate performance data was very important to their operational and financial success. However, only about 30% of companies believed that their field service data could be considered “very good” or “excellent.”

This is a solvable problem. Field service operators feel more at ease when they know their data is safe and properly managed, but too few invest in solutions that would help. Handhelds offer increased access to data and provide technicians with the customer asset info held in an enterprise system, including complete maintenance histories and knowledge management systems that aid repairs.

Resource Tracking

Mobile technology designed for field service management allows operators to monitor a workforce and its assets over a large area, whether you are tracking technicians or vehicles. Some high-powered handheld devices support voice, data communications, and GPS tracking, offering real-time visibility to the status and location of your resources.

Barcode scanning can record which parts or supplies are currently in use, and which are needed in the field for better inventory management. GPS tracking helps workers in the field get to their calls more efficiently, while communication capabilities keep your workforce connected. Rolling all of these functions into a single mobile device reduces the need for additional communication methods or devices.


Streamlining your workforce and automating various processes will always lead to a boost in productivity. By leveraging your mobile technology in ways that reduce manual processes, physical paperwork, and the need for additional devices, you can cut costs and speed up your operations while keeping workers connected.

Informs offers a variety of mobile technology, like those from Honeywell, which are designed to improve field service management and increase productivity. For more information on the technology we offer, contact us today.