One of the key challenges in deploying mobile technology has historically been the complexity of the solutions and their widely dispersed nature. Whether the solution was implemented in a warehouse or a field service environment, each mobile device had to be provisioned, configured and validated individually.

If there were problems with a mobile computer or application after the initial deployment, IT would have to retrieve devices for troubleshooting and repairs. The employee using the device would either need to be issued a spare, and had to incur costly downtime. When applications were patched or updated, the process could take days or weeks, depending on the size of the deployment.

New solutions have arrived to make these rollouts much easier. Mobile device platforms like Honeywell’s Mobility Edge have mitigated much of the complexity of a mobile deployment, making the process less cost intensive, less complicated, and easier for time- and budget-strapped IT departments to manage.

The Honeywell Mobility Edge is a unified platform designed for Android-based rugged mobile devices and applications. The solution makes it easier to build, manage and deploy enterprise-wide mobile solutions with less labor and risk. It does so via three key benefit areas:

Accelerated Deployments: The rapid provisioning suite increase the speed of deployments by allowing users to validate new applications once and then deploy them across all mobile form factors instead of validating the apps one device at a time. Mobility Edge expedites the development, certification, setup and training for applications on different device factors. This allows the IT department to deploy the application everywhere in the enterprise much faster and at a lower cost.

Optimized Mobile Performance: Embedded tools in the platform help optimize productivity and efficiency by capturing data faster and communicating easily and securely. Android-based hardware and the unified nature of the Mobile Edge platform also provide a more intuitive experience, which means mobile workers will have an easier time learning to use your applications and hardware, and can improve their own efficiency at completing tasks. This also reduces the cost of training new employees and seasonal workers on the technology.

Extend Mobile Device Lifecycle: Enterprise lifecycle tools in Mobility Edge help improve device reliability and extend lifecycles. The platform also provides an enterprise-wide method to deploy patch releases. Honeywell hardware is designed to support more operating system upgrades over time, which allows users to future proof their mobile devices, reducing the need for IT involvement in upgrades, and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) for the mobile computers.

Mobility Edge delivers a secure, reliable platform for mobile application deployment that not only makes it easier to rollout new devices and software, but actually streamlines update and support activities as well. Honeywell has delivered a solution that makes it easier for corporate IT departments to support widespread mobile deployments involving multiple form factors, and do so without having to add more resources.

Mobility Edge reduces the cost and complexity of a mobile deployment, providing a faster return on investment (ROI) and long-term hardware and software stability as well.