For schools and colleges, Informs offers a wide selection of scanners, mobile computers, rugged tablets, and print and labeling solutions to keep communication and security strong. Consider the number of people on your campus and the importance of keeping your facility safe and clean. Technology is the easiest way to reach every area while making the most of your staff and resources.

Keep your facility secure with our thermal print and labeling solutions. Print employee access cards, visitor nametags, and other identifying materials that use barcode technology for security. Our high-volume printers are durable and easy to use, and our card printers allow you to create custom badges and key cards for the different security levels on your campus for students, teachers, and staff.

For teachers, maintenance staff, office staff, and even for the classroom, consider our full line of rugged mobile tablets and handheld mobile computers. These devices are rugged to stand up to drops, submersion, and weather, allowing your staff to stay in communication no matter where they may be. For grounds crews and event staff, mobile computers are a reliable way to stay in touch and communicate schedule changes, routes, or emergencies.