Increase your efficiency and productivity with state-of-the-art technology and complete data collection solutions from Informs. Combining our extensive expertise in system design and logistics management with that of partner manufacturers enables us to create superior processes around the operations, assets and service deliveries of government agencies, large and small. Informs will provide technology assessment and cost reduction planning, design and implementation of cost reduction technologies, virtualization and lowering of operations costs, and responsive, ongoing support—all serving to provide the highest possible value for your organization. Our government technology team works with GSA and we offer DOD approved equipment.

Informs offers paper labels for the Intermec PM4i printer as well as the Zebra 110xi. We also provide RFID labels for government clients:

  • P/N 4057551—48,000 labels. 4"x2" general purpose passive RFID. EPC class, gen 2, with perforation. Transponder—Alien Higgs 3 FC, no sensor mark, 3” core, 8” OD roll.
  • No P/N available—45,000 labels. 4”x1” label with Alien GEN 2 squiggle, with perforation—no sensor mark. 3” core, 8” OD roll.