Honeywell’s Plan for Mobile Device Longevity: Mobility Edge

Life is a constant juggling act – family, friends, work, hobbies. The last thing you need is one more thing to juggle, especially something as complicated and intricate as trying to manage a mobile enterprise. Well, your day – no, make that your life – just got easier. Better, even. We’re talking about seamless integration of devices across your enterprise – instilling security, dependability and reliability.

Informs has the expertise and training to help you configure, deploy and support mobile solutions efficiently, securely and yes, even easily, with very little impact to your workers, thanks to the Mobility Edge™ platform from Honeywell. Giving your employees one less thing to juggle is a gift in-and-of-itself. But giving them an agile and adaptable approach to their workday is a game changer.

Increased worker satisfaction leads to increased worker productivity. It’s that simple. So, to help your employees be their best, Honeywell has invented rugged and durable equipment, with a focus on the ergonomic comfort of everyday users. Intuitive and user friendly by design, data capture is faster, easier and more secure. This means training new employees and seasonal workers just got significantly easier and less expensive. Even employees with different levels of experience and time on the job can adapt more quickly and with less frustration. With Mobility Edge solutions, you will empower your workers with cutting-edge technology and create a cohesive ecosystem of interconnected devices that saves time, money and sanity!

A dynamic and unified hardware and software platform, Honeywell’s Mobility Edge is a suite of tools designed to extend product lifecycle and streamline the implementation of new devices. Applications can be validated and updated just once across all form factors, instead of laboriously and painstakingly done one device at a time. Acting as a foundation on which all future mobile computers are being built, Mobility Edge solutions are not only equipped to deal with imminent technological advancements, they fully embrace them. This means your future just got a whole lot brighter.

You may be asking about security in all of this wonderment. Safeguarding data and mitigating malicious security attacks is and always will be one of the most critical elements of enterprise mobility. That question has been asked and effectively answered with Honeywell’s cyber security capabilities and the latest security patches, updates and support.

Meeting the unique needs of every user, from warehouse regulations to delivery driver demands, and across an entire portfolio of products, Honeywell delivers mobility solutions that not only meet your ever-changing business requirements, they evolve with them. Honeywell is it in for the long haul. With you.

Compelling benefits of deploying the Mobility Edge platform:

  • Increased ROI
    • Unified architecture enables certification of a mobile solution once, then deploys to many devices
    • Complete suite of tools that are common across the entire portfolio of products
    • Central management interface for provisioning, certifying and deploying new apps and software updates
  • Optimized Performance and Efficiency
    • System on module (SOM) Android-based platform
    • Customized user experience for employees
    • Maximized productivity via learning engines
  • Security
    • Security patch support and Honeywell’s Cyber Security protection
    • Platform monitored by Honeywell’s Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT), with rapid response times
    • Compatible with 4 generations of Android operating systems (N-Q), extending product lifecycle

With the many choices and variables to consider, let Informs remove the complexities and guide you to the smart mobility solution that simplifies deployments, optimizes productivity and increases worker performance and satisfaction. Contact us today to learn how you can revolutionize your enterprise environment with the Honeywell Mobility Edge platform.

Switching Your Enterprise Mobile OS

Out with the old and in with the new is not always the case. Customers working in the arduous enterprise environment demand longer usage lifecycle from their mobile devices, up to five years longer than the average smartphone user. But expecting said workforce mobile devices to maintain functionality, given the precarious nature of support coverage, patches and new releases, is definitely easier said than done. Until today.

Informs appreciates the magnitude of transitioning to a modern mobility platform and how critical it is that you understand your mobile OS transition options and make well-informed decisions about how to best support your enterprise environment. Informs sales, service and technical experts are knowledgeable in the latest industry trends and product trainings and are fully capable of guiding you through this complex transition. So, if you’re ready to transition to enhanced security, greater productivity and improved performance across your enterprise, you’ve come to the right place!

There’s a good chance you are facing the same dilemma other companies are experiencing, which is the end of support for a legacy Microsoft operating system. Saying good-bye to mainstream support and regular updates is difficult to imagine. But considering a transition plan for multiple devices and operating systems across your entire enterprise can be utterly terrifying. Fortunately, you’re not alone. Informs and Honeywell understand this challenge and have collaborated to deliver solutions that will bring you peace of mind and cohesion across your organization.

Given its large market share and extensive ecosystem of apps, developers and VARs, Android has evolved into the prevalent operating system for workforce enterprises, and for good reason. Let’s review the key elements that make Android the smart OS transition plan.

  1. Security

Mitigating security risks and protecting vital data are top priorities on everyone’s OS solutions checklist. Android delivers the highest level of security by deploying application isolation and exploit mitigation techniques. Users can also implement lockdown techniques through mobile device management or Honeywell Enterprise Launcher to further reduce the risk of malware intrusion. Simply stated, this limits what the user can do and what apps can run on the system.

  1. Added Features

Android Enterprise has added features like bulk provisioning to speed device setup, device owner mode to allow fully managed devices at the corporate level, always-on VPN and encryption enabled by default to protect personal and corporate data.

  1. Compatible Hardware

Selecting the right hardware is crucial. The smart choice is hardware that can support multiple operating systems, like the Honeywell CN75 and CK75 Series or the Honeywell CN51 mobile computer. With these mobile devices, you can choose either the Windows Embedded Handheld platform or Android, and Windows Embedded Handheld devices can be converted to Android at a future date. This allows existing legacy applications to continue running until your entire enterprise is ready to transition to Android.

Now that you know what the solution is, the next step is getting there. But how to do that without getting lost and frustrated along the way is fundamental. New apps, adapting workflows and changing mobile devices can be overwhelming. Informs can help you transition safely, securely and with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

When you’re ready to deploy a strategic OS transition plan for your enterprise mobile devices, trust the Informs specialists, who fully understand the industry and can confidently and adeptly recommend the best products, services and solutions to meet your unique and specific needs. Every time.


Free Offer: Honeywell Label/Print Media Kits

Time is money. And if you’re spending too much time dealing with unreliable printers and equipment in your warehouse or distribution center, you are losing money. Today that changes. Because Informs and Honeywell have collaborated to bring you printing solutions that deliver exceptional quality and unparalleled reliability. No matter how challenging the task or demanding the environment, Informs has the Honeywell product to take you to the next level.

With years of expertise and dedicated support, Informs is your go-to supplier for the most robust and dependable Honeywell industrial printers and printer media supplies. Whether it be thermal printing technology or Smart Labels that incorporate UHF inlays, Informs has the solution to meet your most imposing printing challenges.

Experience the ingenuity behind these stellar Honeywell printer media solutions:

  • Barcode Labels offer the broadest scope of printing support, including thermal printing technology, that can be used with both direct thermal and thermal transfer printers and are tear, heat and moisture resistant. Products include:
    • Direct Thermal Paper Labels
    • Thermal Transfer Paper Labels
    • Thermal Transfer Film Labels
  • Barcode Tags deliver durable, accurate and superior performance tag media to tackle the most demanding tracking applications, across multiple price points and performance measurements. Available in:
    • Paper
    • Synthetic Face Stock
  • Receipt Media provides the highest-level print quality of Honeywell’s Duratherm™ direct-thermal receipt paper, available in top-coated, as well as uncoated rolls.
    • Custom products, such as linerless labels, are also available.
    • Duratherm Receipt is co-engineered with Honeywell printers to provide maximum performance and extended print head life when used together.
  • RFID Labels are Smart Labels that actually combine the most up-to-date UHF inlays with a variety of thermal printing materials, including thermal transfer or direct thermal printing and chip encoding. Applications include:
    • Compliance
    • DoD
    • Inventory Management
    • Asset Tracking
    • Consumer Goods Distribution
    • Document and Record Tracking
  • Thermal Ribbons produce crystal-clear, smear-proof text and barcodes on an array of materials (paper and film) by combining Honeywell’s thermal transfer ThermaMAX™ ribbons with co-engineered labels and tags. Products include:
    • TMX1000 ThermaMAX Thermal Ribbons
    • TMX2000 ThermaMAX Thermal Ribbons
    • TMX3000 ThermaMAX Thermal Ribbons
  • Wristbands are resistant to hand sanitizers and other cleansers, providing tamper-evident features, positive patient identification and even patient comfort. Products include:
    • INband II


To prove how serious we are about supporting your most extreme printing demands, we are offering a FREE PRINT MEDIA SAMPLE KIT! Simply complete the online form, and your kit will be sent to you free of charge. There’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain! Learn how >>

Let Informs help you take back control of your time and your money – for FREE!

How to make device upgrades more affordable: Trade-in

In this fast-paced world, with more than 50% of global web traffic originating from mobile devices* and data instantaneously at your fingertips, it’s time to evaluate your relationship with your mobile device. There’s no better time than right now to determine if this relationship offers the security, support and productivity you need to be your best. With data moving at lightning speed, don’t let your old device slow you down!


Informs and Honeywell have joined forces to help you with this decision, and together, they offer the solution that is exactly what you need!

As you analyze the relationship with your current mobile device, the critical question is safety. If your mobile device has outdated technology, you are susceptible to security vulnerabilities and exposed to breaches, due to outdated software, browsers and operating systems. Also critical to a symbiotic relationship with your mobile device is the ability to employ the latest hardware and security advancements. Without them, you run the risk of application testing that only covers current or major releases of smartphone operating systems and browsers. If your mobile device can’t run an enterprise application, it’s time to consider ending this relationship.

In addition, factors such as loss of CPU and memory, reduced battery life and lack of storage impact your speed and productivity. Parting, especially with your very valuable data, can be such sweet sorrow, but the burden of parting ways can be eased considerably by cloud backup services and support.

If you’re still on the fence about letting go, here’s a deal that will have you saying, “Arrivederci!” in no time! Right now, you can trade in your outdated device and save up to $200 when you purchase an eligible Honeywell Android™ mobile device through Informs!

Experience speed, power and versatility when you upgrade to Honeywell’s Android™-powered mobile devices.

  • Accelerated deployments and advanced security
  • Increased productivity, efficiency and accuracy
  • Augmented cost savings
  • Intuitive functionality, boasting user-friendly hardware and software to make training new hires and holiday workers faster and easier
  • A broader choice of mobile operating systems to support your long-term mobile strategy, accounting for new enterprise Android offerings and upcoming EOL life dates for Windows

Saying good-bye to your outdated mobile device has never felt so right or been so easy! If you’re ready to trade up and save, check out the list of qualifying products today!

Zebra Enhances Enterprise Mobile Computing with the TC52 and TC72

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the convenience of using a smartphone in your warehouse or plant? Zebra Technologies has the exact device you need. The TC52 and TC72 mobile touch computers are the ultimate enterprise-class touch computing devices. They are designed to be as intelligent as a smartphone, but rugged enough to survive harsh environments.



Powered by the Android OS

Both devices run on the Android operating system. If you still haven’t created a migration plan away from your Windows OS, now is a great time to do it.

Zebra has strengthened security features to make the Android OS enterprise-ready. On Zebra devices, all business data is private by default. You get full disk encryption, enforced security between apps, and a virtual private network. Zebra also provides patch updates.

Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx) are pre-installed on each device. The Mx technology provides extra security to areas where Android is vulnerable. It locks users into one business application, enhancing productivity and prohibiting access to other business or personal apps. You also get government-grade encryption and device lock features for accessories that pose security risks like USB, Bluetooth, or NFC.

Moreover, your IT team has full control over app security, including app installation and access rights.


Qualcomm Chipset

Zebra upgraded the computing power for this new generation of mobile computers. The Android platform features the latest Qualcomm chipset (the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 660 octa-core, 2.2 GHz).

The chipset supports an extensive platform for application development. You’ll get a predictable roadmap for future development which will lower the total cost of ownership. The Qualcomm chipset assures a minimum of two Android OS upgrades, so your mobile computer will not be obsolete soon after your purchase. The platform can not only run all current data-intensive and voice applications now, but also comes ready to run new applications like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Enterprise Functionality

The TC52 and TC72 are extremely versatile enterprise devices. The TC52 is used for transportation, field mobility, and retail. The TC72 is recommended for warehouse management, manufacturing, and retail.

No matter which of the devices you select, you can use them for many tasks:

  • Asset management
  • Delivery tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Scheduling and location-based services
  • Proof of delivery and pickup
  • Invoicing
  • Picking/putaway
  • Drive logging
  • Track and trace
  • Route optimization


Enterprise-Grade Features

Both mobile computers share many enterprise-grade features.  With both devices, you get advanced touchscreen technology. They have displays with a multi-touch option that works when wet or with a glove or stylus. Capture 1D and 2D barcodes fast with advanced data capture scanning capabilities. Employees gain efficiency because they have extended range and the ability to point and click to capture data. They do not have to align the scanner with the barcode to complete a successful scan.

You also get crystal clear audio and secure Wi-Fi with cellular network flexibility. Zebra’s Mobility DNA suite is included with every device. Mobility DNA is a comprehensive suite of tools for business, management, and development. The suite consists of applications, utilities, and tools you can customize. The two mobile computers have some differences. The TC52 can handle multiple 4-foot drops to tile over concrete between 14°F to 122°F and has a battery life of up to 14 hours. The TC72 can handle multiple 8-foot drops to concrete at room temperature and has a 15-hour battery life.

If you need an enterprise-grade mobile computer, the TC52 and TC72 can give you a performance edge. Call us at 616-399-7010 or email us at to learn more about Zebra’s mobile computers.


The Consistent, Efficient Way to Configure, Deploy, and Monitor Printers

Don’t forget your printers. If you’re like a lot of companies, you know you have to manage your devices. Too often, this only includes your computers and handhelds. With so many mobile computers, scanners, and other hardware to keep track of, printers might not get much attention. But if you are not centrally managing your printers, they’re probably not being appropriately managed.

A lack of visibility into printing operations could create serious problems for your company. Upgrades don’t get installed, mobile printers get lost in the shuffle, and it’s doubtful you know precisely how much each of your printers are actually used. Printers carry the same security risks as any other device that falls under IT; if you miss a new patch, you’re vulnerable to a security breach of your network.

There’s also on-the-job issues to worry about. Since printers require precision tuning, you are also at risk if settings get changed, but IT doesn’t know it. This might lead to increased calls to a help desk and unsatisfactory future print jobs like illegible labels. Print just one batch of labels that is not provisioned correctly, and you run the risk of returned inventory and increased expenses.


Deploy, Manage, and Troubleshoot Your Printers

Zebra Technologies has the solution to make managing your thermal printers easy. Link-OS, Zebra’s innovative operating system for printer management, contains a powerful Multiplatform Software Development Kit (SDK) and a smart applications package to centralize the management of your printers. Zebra’s Print DNA suite offers a combination of applications, utilities, and developer tools.

With Link-OS, you get an easy system to integrate and manage all the computers in your IT network. This includes printers for barcode labels, receipts, or passive RFID tags. You can remotely deploy, manage, and troubleshoot of all your Zebra networked printers, as data is stored in the cloud.

Link-OS gives your IT team tighter control over your printer network—from deployment to management to maintenance. With real-time visibility, your company can manage printers with greater consistency and stronger security. Your employees benefit because they can use the Print Station app to print from anywhere using Android tablets and smartphones.

Here are some Link-OS features that can help you easily and securely manage your printers:


Printer Management

Link-OS allows you to manage networked Zebra printers remotely from your browser. The real-time status of each printer is communicated through red, yellow, or green alerts. The alerts contain scannable QR codes to get access to support videos or other troubleshooting help.


Security and Control

Link-OS printer connections are direct and encrypted. Zebra’s PrintSecure application makes it easy to configure printers to use secure connections, block unwanted access, and protect data. The permission control features allow you to define who has access and at what level.


Direct Printing from Your ERP

Link-OS also makes it easy to print directly from your ERP. You can print labels, PDFs, and other media from Oracle, SAP, and other ERP systems without middleware.


Manage with Printer Groups

The printer group functionality of Link-OS makes it easy for you to organize printers into groups with customized tags, check the status of the group’s printers all at once and configure or update as needed with just a click.


Simple Configuration

Configuring printers is fast and easy. Link-OS groups more than 300 printer configuration settings into categories accessible via tabs in the browser interface. Locate the settings you want with one or two clicks.


Gain Important Insights

With Link-OS, you can gather device information stored on the cloud. This includes device locations, workload capacity, and information related to proactive maintenance to prevent downtime.


Printer Discovery and Device Pairing

Discover any printer on your network without having to physically locate it. Link-OS printers pair easily with mobile devices and include SOTI and AirWatch MDM/EDM connectors.


Printer Updates

Link-OS allows you to flexibly schedule printer updates for when a printer is visible on the network or at a specific time and date.


Custom Printer Profiles

Create a library of custom profiles using Link-OS. Then, you can easily distribute those custom profiles to your printers anytime.


Do you want to do a better job managing your printers? Call Informs at 616-399-7010 or email us at to learn more about Link-OS.